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"Pittin the Mither tongue on the Wab. Scots - the language of lowland Scotland, a descendant of the Anglo-Saxon Language. This website introduces modern non-regional traditional Scots orthography, grammar and idiom. Including an Online Scots Dictionary, Clishmaclaiver - the Scots language chatroom, Articles about Scots, links and more. The Scots language is also known as the Doric, the Buchan Claik, the Patter, Lallans (Lowland Scots,)Braid Scots, Broad Scotch, Scotch, The Mither Tongue and in Ulster as Ulster Scotch or Ullans and to some simply the Scottish dialect.

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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in Scots, translated by Sandy Fleemin.

An introduction to contemporary spoken Scots by L COLIN WILSON
Includes 25 graded lessons, English-to-Scots vocabulary list, verb tables dialogues, grammatical explanations, exercises, background information about life in Scotland and cultural context. Double CD available.

Scots Independent haes pitten thegither a byordinar walin o real media (.rm) soond files. Fae poetry tae stories an bairn's rhymes - hearken til't - it's braw!
Mair MP3 an .wav soond files =>
Scots Independent have collated an exceptional selection of real media (.rm) audio files. From poetry to stories and children's verse - have a listen - it's excellent!
More MP3 and .wav sound files =>

For thaim that's efter bein a pairt o uphaudin an forderin the Scots leed.
For those wishing to partake in the maintenance and furtherance of the Scots language.

Airtins tae ither wabsteids an siclike.
Links to other websites and so forth.

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A Innin tae Modren Scots (in English)
Our Own Language - An Introduction to Modern Scots

The History, Leed or Byleed? Byleeds an Pronunciation, Orthography, Grammar, Eedioms an Sawes.
The History, Language or Dialect? Dialects and Pronunciation, Orthography, Grammar, Idioms and Proverbs.

Scots texts for thaim that's efter learnin Scots or for thaim that haes it an is efter enjoyin hit.
Scots texts for those who are interested in learning Scots or for those who already speak it and wish to enjoy it.

Translate from Scots to English
Translate from English to Scots

Mynd an read the guidins afore-haund!
Remember to read the instructions first!

Stravaigin Aboot?

Handheld version

WAP version

Airticles anent the Scots leed.
Articles in and about the Scots language.

The 'Scots -Live- Chat Room' : Hae a guid crack wi like myndit fowk - in the mither tongue...
Eneuch said! Awa ben...

See whit ither fowk haes tae say anent us, gie's yer crack an aw.
See what others have to say about us or have your say too.

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