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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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a, a-,
a [ə-]
pref. used before nouns and verbs to form adverbs. For example: aback, agley, athort.
A, ah, Aw, aa, ABC, ah-bae-see, abbacee, ah-bay-say, aw-be-sae, ebbasay, abersay, aw-bay-sae,
A [ɑ:, ɔ:, N. I. a:]
A, aw the first letter of the alphabet

Compounds and phrases etc.

aw-bay-say [ɑ:be:se:, -be:si:, ɔ:-, N. I. a:-], ABC: the alphabet
A, Ah, I, Eh, aw, aa, , A, A'm, Ah'm, I'm, Eh'm, aw'm, 'm, Ahm, A'hm, Am, A'v, Ah've, a've, ahv, Ahve, A s', I'se, A'se, Ah'se, Aw'se, Ise, A'd, Ah'd, I'd, Eh'd, aw'd, 'd, A'hd, A'll, Ah' ll, I'll, Eh'll, aw'll, 'll, all, ah'l,
A [a:, ə, DD. ɛ]
I, the 1st. person pronoun.

Compounds and phrases etc.

A am contracted A'm [a:m]: I am.
A hiv contracted A'v [a: hɪv, -hʌv, a:v]: I have.
A hiv contracted A'v: I have, I've.
A sall contracted A s' [a: sal, a:z]: I shall.
A wad contracted A'd [a: wad, -wɪd, -wʌd, a:d, əd]: I would.
A will contracted A'll [a: wɪl, -wʌl, a:l, əl]: I will, I shall.
A'm arena [WC. a:m ʌrnɪ]: col. I am not.
a, ae, u, aa,
a [ə]
The indefinite article a may occurs before both vowels and consonants.
abbreviate [ə'bri:vɪət]
leg. n. An abstract, an abridgement. A term used in adjudication and sequestration.
abe, abee, abie, a-be,
abe [ə'bi:]
v. Let alone, let be, leave undisturbed.

Compounds and phrases etc.

lat abe: Not to mention, much more, far less, let alone.
abeelity, abeilitie, abeelitie, abeility,
abeelity [ə'bilɪtɪ]
n. Ability.
abeich, abeech, abeigh, abiegh,
abeich [ə'biç]
adv. Aloof, aside, away, apart from others.
aber, aaber, auber, awber,
aber [I.Sh. a(:)bər]
adj. Of a blade etc.: sharp, keen. With sharp outlines, clear and distinct. Sharp-sighted, keenly observant, watchful. Eager, greedy.
v. To sharpen, as a knife. To stir up a fire and make it bright.

Compounds and phrases etc.

aber up: To sharpen, stir up a fire to brighten it.
ablach, ablack, ablich, abloch, aiblich, ablagh,
ablach ['abləx, 'ablɪç, MN. 'eblɪç]
n. A mangled carcase or body, an insignificant or contemptible person through lack of size or defect of will or intellect, untitdy or clumsy person, humourously for a child, objects defective through lack of size etc.

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