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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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Aiberdeen, Aiberdein, Aiburdeen, Ehburdeen,
Aiberdeen ['ebərdin, 'ɛbərdin]
pn. Aberdeen.
Aiberdour ['ɛbərdʌu:r]
pn. Aberdour. (Fife)
Aiberfyle ['ebərfəil]
pn. Aberfoyle. (Stirling)
Aiberleddy, Aberlady,
Aiberleddy ['ebərlɛde, 'ɛbərlɛde, -lede]
pn. Aberlady. (East Lothian)
Aibey, abbey, aibbey,
aibey [ebɪ, e:be]
n. An abbey.
Aibey St. Bathans, Abbey St. Bathans, Aibey St Bathans,
Aibey St Bathans [e:besn'bɑθ:nz, -s]
pn. Abbey St Bathans. (Berwickshire)
aiblins, ablins, yiblins, aiblens,
aiblins ['eblɪnz, 'jɛblɪnz, 'jɪblɪnz]
adv. perhaps

From able + suff. ins.
aiccess, access, aixies, exies, axes, aiccesst, aiccessed, access, eksis, accession, aiccession, assession, aixes,
aiccess ['eksɪz, 'ɛksɪz]
n. Access. The access of an ague,ague, hysterics. With tae: complicity or assent in.
v. To access.
pt. pp. aiccesst

Compounds and phrases etc.

aiccession [ek'sɛʃən, ɛk'sɛʃən] n. leg. Accession, complicity, concurrence or assent in some action.
aich, ech, aigh, aih,
aich [ex, ɛx, S. eiç]
int. Ah! denoting surprise or sorrow etc. An exclamation of pity, surprise or disgust.
aicher, echer, icker, aiker, acher, acker, akker,
aicher ['exər]
also icker ['ɪkər], aiker [WC. 'ɛkər]
n. An ear of corn. Stalk of corn with ear on.

acker [N. I. a(:)kər]
n. Minute particles.

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