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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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Aichils, Ochils, Oachils,
Aichils ['eçəlz]
pn. Ochils. (Perthshire)
aicht, eicht, aucht, echt, aught, acht, wacht, aicht-day, eicht-day, aucht-day, echt-day, aught-day, acht-day, wacht-day, aichteen, aughteen, echtein, aichtein, echteen, echtaen, achtenn, auchteen, aichteent, aughteent, echteint, aichteint, echteent, echtaent, achtennt, auchteent, auchteenth, aichty, aughty, echty, aichtie, echtie, auchtie, eichty, auchty, eght, achteen,
aicht [ext, ɛçt]
adj. Eight.
adj. Eighth.
Contracted 8t

aichteen adj. Eighteen
aichteent, 18t adj. Eighteenth.
aichty adj. Eighty.

Compounds and phrases etc.

common five aichts: Average, every day.
aichtsome: a group of eight
five-aichter: an ordinary person or thing
aidam, aidom, eddam, edom, aidie, eddy, adie, aedie, eddie, addie, addy, eddy, aydam, Yid, Yed, Yiddie, Yeddie, Adam, Aidam-an-Eves, Adam-an-Eves,
Aidam ['edəm, 'ɛdəm]
n. The personal name Adam.
dim. Aidie, S. Yid, Yiddie [jɪd(i), jɛd(i)]

Compounds and phrases etc.

Aidam-an-Eves: The tubers of the orchis.
Aidieswall, Aiddieswall, Addieswall,
Aidieswall ['edizwal]
pn. Addiewell. (West Lothian)
Aidin ['edɪn]
pn. Eden. (Borders)
aidle, adle, addle, addil, adle, aidle-dub, oddle, oddler,
aidle [edl, adl]
n. Liquid manure, rotten, or unfertile eggs, unsound brains.
adj. Rotten or unfertile, muddled.
aig [NN.b. eg]
v. To work eagerly at something.

adj. Eager.
Aigle, Edzell,
Aigle ['egɪl]
pn. Edzell. (Angus)
aik, ake, axik, aik-nit, aiken, aken,
aik [ek, S. jɛk & jɪk]
n. Oak.

aiken [ekən, S. jɛkən & jɪkən]
adj. Oaken.

Compounds and phrases etc.

aicorn: An acorn.
aik-nit: An acorn.
moss-aik: Bog oak, the trunks of ancient oak trees buried in a peat bog.
ail, ailin,
ail [el]
v. To ail, to trouble, afflict, to hinder, prevent, to be ill.
adj. ailin Ailing, troubled, hindered. n. An illness.

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