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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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aipleringie, aippleringie, aippleringy, overeengie, overeengy, appleringy,
aipleringie ['epl'rɪŋi, -'riŋi, -rɛnɪ, MN. 'ovə'rɪŋi]
n. Southernwood.
air, aire, ayre, aer, er, ire,
air [I.Sh. e:r, 'eər, I.Ork. ɛr, 'ɛər]
n. A gravelly beach.
air, aer,
air [e:r]
n. An oar.
air, airport, flichtpairk, air-cock, aircock, air-gait, air-goat, err, airel, airels, airish, airy, airie,
air [e:r]
n. v. Air.

adj. Airy, giving oneself airs, conceited, vain.

Compounds and phrases etc.

airel: A musical tone.
airish: Cool, chilly.
airch, erch, aircht, airched, airchle, erchle, rochel, orchle, orchel, porchel,
airch [e:rtʃ, ɛrtʃ]
n. An arch, an aim, an act of aiming.
pl. airches
v. To arch, to take aim, to throw or let fly a missile
pt. pp. aircht adj. Arched.

airchle [MN. e:rtʃl, o:rtʃl]
n. A porch or vestibule.
Airchibauld, Airchibald, Airchie, Erchie, Aisbit, Bauldie, Baldy, Bauldy, Baldy, Baldie, Airch, Erch, Erswauld, Erswald,
Airchibauld ['e:rtʃɪ'bɑ:l(d), -'bɔ:l(d), N. I. -'ba:l(d), U. -'bʌul(d), 'ɛrtʃɪ-]
also S. Erswauld ['ɛ'rswɑ:l(d)]
n. The personal name Archibald.
dim. Aisbit, Bauldie, Airch, Airchie

n. col. A person who is very pleased with themselves.
Airden, Erden,
Airden ['e:rdən, ɛrdən]
pn. Arden (Glasgow).
airie, arrie,
airie [e:rɪ, arɪ]
n. A shealing, a hill pasture or summer residence for herdsmen and cattle, a level green among hills.
airieplane, airie, airie, airy, airae,
airieplane ['e:riplen
n. Aeroplane.
dim. col. airie An aeroplane.
ark, airk, erk,
airk [erk]
n. A chest.

Compounds and phrases etc.

meal-airk: A meal-chest.

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