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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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allegiance [ə'lidʒəns]
n. Allegiance.
Allemfuird, Allamfuird, Ellemford,
Allemfuird ['ɑ'ləmfø:rd]
pn. Ellemford. (borders)
aller, al'er, arn, ern, aar, allar, alder-tree, arn-tree,
aller ['ɑlər, W. 'ɛlər]
also arn [arn, ern]
n. Alder tree.
allevolie, allevoly, alle-volie,
allevolie [ə'ləvoli]
adv. At random, giddy, volatile.
adj. Giddy, volatile.
allocate ['aloket]
v. To assign, to set apart for a special purpose, appoint.
pt. allocatit
pp. allocate
allou, alloo, aloo, allow, alloued, allou'd, alloud, alloo'd, allood, allooed, alloot, alloo't, alood, allowt, allouance, allooance, alooance, allowance, louance, looance,
allou [ə'lu:, S. ə'lʌu]
v. To allow, approve, commend.
pt. pp. alloued

Compounds and phrases etc.

allouance [-əns, S. ə'lʌuəns]: An allowance, ration of food and drink or money, a pension.
Allowa, Allowae, Alloway,
Allowa ['alowa]
pn. Alloway. (Ayrshire)
Allowae, alloa,
Allowae ['alʌu(w)e:]
pn. Alloa. (Clackmannanshire)
almanac, ollminick,
almanac [ɑl'mənak, -ɪk]
n. Almanac.
almark, aalmark,
almark [I.Sh. a(:)lmark]
n. A sheep that breaks through fences etc.

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