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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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Argyll, Argyle,
Argyll ['argəil]
pn. Argyll.
airc, arc, ark,
ark [erk]
n. An arc.
v. To arc.
arle, airle, yirle, yirl, earl, erle, arle-penny, airle-pennie, airle-penny, arle-pennie, arles,
arle [arl, e:rl, ɛrl, S. U. ærl & jɪrl]
n. Only used attributively: an earnest, foretaste, earnest money.
pl. arles

Compounds and phrases etc.

arle-penny: fee-penny
arm, aarm,
arm [I.Sh. arm]
adj. Wretched, weakly and thin.
arnit, arnut, earnit, ernit,
arnit ['arnɪt, 'arnʌt, 'ɑrnɪt;, S. 'ɛrnɪt]
n. An edible blant root, earth-nut.

Compounds and phrases etc.

swine's arnit: the oat-grass, its roots
arr, aar, ar,
arr [I. ar]
n. I.Sh. A grudge, ill-feeling. I.Ork. Dislike, fear.
v. I.Ork. To have a feeling of loathing

arrissie [I.Sh. 'arɪse]
n. Dislike, loathing.
arrae, arra, arrie, airrow, airra, airae,
arrae ['arə, 'e:re:]
n. Arrow.
artifeecial, artifeicial, airtifeecial,
artifeecial ['artɪfiʃəl]
adj. Artificial.
arvie, arvo, arro, arvi,
arvie [I. 'arvɪ]
also I.Ork. arvo ['arvo]
n. The chickweed Stellaria media
as, als, uz, is, es, iz,
as [az, əz, z, s]
adv. Of comparison meaning than
conj. Of comparison meaning than
pron. (rare) That.

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