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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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abuiss, abeess, abyiss, disabuiss,
abuiss [S. SN. I. C. ə'bø:s, ə'b(j)ɪs, N. ə'bis]
n. Abuse. For the v. see abuise.

Compounds and phrases etc.

disabuiss: Damage, bad usage.
aby, abye,
aby [ə'baɪ]
adv. MN. Ago, past.
Abyne, Abine,
Abyne [ə'bəin]
pn. Aboyne. (Aberdeenshire)
academy, academie,
academy [ə'kadəmɪ]
n. A school for higher secondary education.
acause, kis, akis, cause, kiz, cis, becahse, 'cos, bakas', Baecaas, cos, accause, acaase, caase, caaze, caaz, becaase, becas, akiz, caes,
acause [ə'kɑ:z]
conj. Because, contracted 'cause [kɑ:z, kɪz].

Compounds and phrases etc.

acause o: On account of.
accent, ascent,
accent [ak'sɛnt, a'sɛnt]
n. Accent.
accept, accep, accepp, acceppit, acceptit, accepit,
accept [ək'sɛp(t)]
v. Accept.
pt. pp. acceptit
accident ['aksɪdɛnt]
n. A fortuitous occurrence or event, chance.
Accies ['aki:z]
n. The student football team Hamilton Academical FC.
accommodate, accommodate, accommodatit, accommodat,
accommodate [ə'kɔmədet]
v. To accomodate
pt. accommodatit pp. accommodat adj. Fit, suitable.

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