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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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Auchinleck, Affle'ck, Affleck,
Auchinleck ['ɑxɪnlɛk]
pn. Auchinleck. (Ayrshire)
also Affleck MN. [af'lɛk]
Auchinweet, Aachinweet,
Auchinweet ['axɪnwit]
pn. Auchinweet. (Ayrshire)
Auchnagatt, Aachnagat,
Auchnagatt ['ɑxnegat]
pn. Auchnagatt. (Buchan)
Auchnarie, Aachnarie,
Auchnarie ['ɑxne:re]
pn. Auchnarie. (Aberdeenshire)
Auchreddie ['ɑxrɛdi]
pn. New Deer. (Aberdeenshire)
Auchtertuil ['ɔ:xtərtøl]
pn. Auchtertool (Fife).
audience, adience, audiscence, owdience, owdiscense, audiscence,
audience [ɑ:dɪəns, MN. ʌudɪəns]
n. Audience, hearers, a hearing.
aufer [ɑ:fər, ɔ:fər, N. I. a:fər]
n. The full form of A on the sides of a totum.
agent, awgent, aagent,
augent ['ɑ:dʒənt, 'ɔ:dʒənt]
n. An agent, a solicitor.
v. To manage.

Compounds and phrases etc.

augentrie: arch. The office or function of agent.
station augent: A station manager.
August, Augist, Ageest, Aagist, Aagust, Aagist, Aageest,
August ['ɑ:gɪst, 'ɔ:gɪst, N. I., 'a:gɪst]
n. The month August.

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