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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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aumous, awmous, awms, aums, almous, amas, amous, amus, aamus, aamous, almows, aumous-dish, awmous-dish, amis, amas, amös, amos, aamos,
aumous ['ɑ:məs, 'ɔ:məs, N. I. 'a:məs]
n. Alms, food or money given in charity to the poor. A charitable gift, a good deed, a meritorious act.
adj. Deserving of charity. Pitiable, poor, wretched.

Compounds and phrases etc.

aumous-dish: A dish to receive alms.
puir aumous: adj. I.Sh. Frail.
aumrie, aumry, awmry, ambry, armory, armary, awmrie, aamrie, aamry, amry, amerie,
aumrie ['ɑ:mrɪ, 'ɔ:mrɪ, N. I. 'a:mrɪ]
n. A repository in a house for keeping domestic utensils, or food. It is either a separate room or a recess in a wall but usually a separate piece of furniture, mostly of wood, a pantry, larder, cupboard, dresser, chest. A clumsy, stupid person.
auncient, encient, aancient,
auncient ['ɑ:nʃənt, N. I. 'a:nʃənt]
adj. Ancient.
Aungel, Awngel, Aangel, angel,
aungel ['ɑ:ndʒəl, 'ɔ:ndʒəl, N. I. 'a:ndʒəl]
n. An angel. A scutching machine used in cotton-spinning.
aunt, aunty, auntie, anty, aanty, aantie,
aunt [ant]
n. Aunt, also aunty.

Compounds and phrases etc.

auld aunty: A gand-aunt.
aupron, apron, aprin, apern, awpron, apren, napron, seck-aupron, haurden-aupron, harn-apron, seck-apron,
aupron ['ɑ:prən, 'aprɪn]
n. Apron.

Compounds and phrases etc.

aupronman: One who wears an apron at work, an artisan.
haurden-aupron: A course linen apron.
seck-aupron: A sackcloth apron.
aur, ar, arr, aar, aurr, err,
aur [ɑ:r, ɔ:r, N. I. a:r]
n. The mark left by a wound.

aurt, aured
adj. Marked with scars

Compounds and phrases etc.

pockaurt, pockaured: Scarred by pocks.
aurie, aurrie, aurae, orry, ory,
aurie ['ɑ:rɪ, 'ɔ:rɪ, N. I. 'a:rɪ]
n. Area.
aurm, arm, aarm, awrm,
aurm [I.Sh. a:rm]
n. The tail-end (on a fishing hand-line).
austerne, astren, austran, owsteran, austern,
austerne [ɑstərn, SW.ʌusɔtərn]
adj. Of severe appearance, having an austere look.

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