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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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agin, again, agen, gin, gain, agane, 'gen, 'gin, agyin, foregain, foregane, forgain, forgane,
again [ə'gen, ə'gɛn]
also agin [ə'gɪn], contracted 'gin
adv. At an indefinite time in the future. Back. With v. of motion meaning back in order to return to where one started. Of reciprocal action: in return.
prep. Against. Into collision with. In hostility or opposition to, in defiance of, in disparagement of, to the hurt or disadvantage of, in accusation of, forbidding or unfavourable to (a person, or a course of action), not in accordance with. Of time: towards, by. In anticipation of, to be ready for.
conj. In anticipation of, in readiness for, the time when.

Compounds and phrases etc.

caw again: To oppose.
foregain [fɔr'gen, -'gɛn]: Opposite to, in front of, against.
haud-again, haud-agin: Opposition.
kep again: To check, intercept, turn back, frustrate.
Agatha ['agəθə]
n. The Peronal name Agatha.
dim. Aggie
age, aige, ages,
age [edʒ]
n. Age.

Compounds and phrases etc.

ages wi: to be of the same age as someone else.
agg, ag, aug,
agg [I. ag]
n. The wash of waves on the sea-shore as caused by a steady wind from the sea. Foam near the shore and its contents. Stir, eagerness.
aggle, aggl, uggle, ugl, ugle, ogl, uggel, oggel,
aggle [I. agl, ʌgl]
n. A mess, a confused or dirty state.
v. To soil or defile, to make a mess.
pt. pp. aggelt
Agnes, Nan, Nansie, Nansy, Nancy, Nancey, Nannie, Nanny, Nanse, Nans, Nance, Nanzie,
Agnes ['agnəs]
n. The Peronal name Agnes.
dim. Aggie, Annie, Nan, Nansie, Nannie, Nanse ['nans]

Compounds and phrases etc.

fleein Nansie: col. Influenza.
agricultur ['agrɪkʌltər]
n. Agriculture.
Ahauchill, 'Hoghill,
Ahauchill [ə'hɑxəl]
pn. Ahoghill. (County Antrim)
ahint, ahent, ahin', ahin, ahind, ahine, behinn, behin, behint, ahinn,
ahint [ə'hɪnt, ə'hɪn(d), ə'hɛnt]
adv. Of place: behind, to the rear. Of time: in one's past life, or in time past. At a later time, late, too late.
prep. Of place: behind. Of time: later than, after, behind.

Compounds and phrases etc.

hauf-oot-ahint: I.Sh. A sheep earmark wher a piece is cut out at the back side of the ear.
in ahint: behind.
win ahint: To get the better of, outsmart.

From a + hint.
aiber, aber
Aiber [ebər]
n. In place names: a confluence or river mouth.

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