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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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beer, beir,
beer [bi:r]
n. Beer.
Beeshop, bishop, beshop,
Beeshop ['biʃəp]
n. A Bishop. An instrument for ramming down stones and earth.
v. To use the above instrument.

Compounds and phrases etc.

Airchbeeshop: Archbishop.
Beeshops' Rigs, Bishops' Rigs, Bishops' Riggs,
Beeshops' Rigs ['biʃəps rɪgz]
pn. Bishopbriggs. (Dunbartonshire)
Beeshoptoun, Bishoptoun,
Beeshoptoun ['biʃəptun]
pn. Bishopton. (Renfrewshire, Wigtownshire)
beest, beestins, beestlings, beestlins, beastlings, beast, beist, biest, beastins, beesnins, beesnin, bees, beas, beezlins,
beest [bist, MN. biʃt]
also beestin(s), beestlins
n. The first milk of a cow after calving.
beet, beit, beat, bete, bait, bate, baet, biet,
beet [bit, NEC. bet]
n. A needful thing, a want.
v. To mend, repair, especially nets. To help, to comfort. To supply something lacking. To kindle or add fuel to a fire.
pt. pp. bait [bet]

Compounds and phrases etc.

beet tae: Keep increasing the speed.
beetock, beetyach, bittok, bittock,
beetock ['bitək, NN.a. 'bitjəx]
n. A dirk or dagger carried in the hose or boot. NN.a. A small knife with shortened, fixed blade used for beeting or mending nets.
beetraw, beetrie, beetrave,
beetraw ['bitrɑ:, 'bitrɔ:, N. I. 'bitra:]
n. The red beet, beetroot.
beezer ['bi:zər]
n. col. A smart fellow or anything bigger or finer than usual. Something extreme of its kind.
beflum, beflumm, beflummit, beflumm'd, beflumm't,
beflum [bə'flʌm]
n. Idle, nonsensical or cajoling talk,
v. Befool with cajoling language.
pt. pp. beflummit, beflumm't

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