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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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blaiken, blaken,
blaiken ['blekən]
v. To make pale.

adj. Bleached; turned yellow, by the sun.
blain, blane, blaen, blains, blainy, blainie,
blain [blen]
n. A scar, a weal. A fault, a blemish. A bare spot, a blank, vacancy, miss, omission.
v. Of a field: to become covered in bare spots in the crop.
pt. pp. blaint adj. applied to a field in which parts of the crop do not spring. Empty or blasted grain.

adj. Covered with bare patches.
blairnie, blairney, blairny,
blairnie ['ble:rnɪ]
n. Blarney, specious, wheedling talk.
Blairwhan, Blairquhan,
Blairwhan ['ble:rʍan]
pn. Blairquhan. (Ayrshire)
blame [blem]
n. Blame, fault.
v. To blame (a thing) on (a person) means to ascribe the blame to (someone) for (a thing), to charge one with.
To blame (a person) wi (a thing) means to accuse one of.
bland, blan, blann, blan', blander, blanner, blanter, blanda,
bland [blan(d), I. bla:nd]
n. A mixture or quantity of different things mingled together. A drink of whey mixed with water.
adj. Smooth like cream.
v. To mix, to blend.

blander ['blan(d)ər]
v. To diffuse or disperse in a scanty and scattered way.
blank, blaunk,
blank [blaŋk]
adj. Blank
blanket, blankit,
blanket ['blaŋkət]
n. A blanket.
blanter, blander,
blanter ['blantər]
n. A particular kind of oats, long in the grain and late in ripening. Food made from corn.
blarag, blairack,
blarag ['blarəg, NN.a. blerək]
n. A wild bee with black body and red behind.

From Gaelic blàrag.

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