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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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bob, bab, boab, bobbintilter, bobantilter, babbintilter,
bob [bɔb]
also bab [bab]
n. A bunch, a bunch of flowers, a luxuriant patch of grass or corn, a knob.
v. Of grass, corn, etc. to grow in luxuriant patches.
bobbie, bobby, boabie, boaby, bubba,
bobbie ['bɔbi, 'bobi]
n. A term for grandfather.

Compounds and phrases etc.

Auld Bobbie: The Devil.
bockie, boki, bokie, boakie, bukki, buckie, bucky, bawkie, boky,
bockie ['bɔkɪ, 'bokɪ, 'bʌkɪ]
n. A hobgoblin or scarecrow. A perverse or refractory person.

n. A bogle or ghost.

Compounds and phrases etc.

tattie bockie: A scarecrow.
bod [I.Sh. bɔd]
n. A big wave, groundswell on a sunken rock.

Compounds and phrases etc.

shorebod: Breaking sea.
bodach ['bodəx, 'bɔdəx]
n. An old man.
Boddam, Boddim,
Boddam ['bɔdəm]
pn. Boddam (Aberdeenshire).
boddle, boddil, bodle, brodle,
boddle [bodl, bɔdl]
n. A small coin (2d. Scots).
Boddle, Bodewell,
Boddle ['bodl]
pn. Bothwell (South Lanarkshire).

Boddle Brig Bothwell Bridge.
bode, bod, boad, bid, bote, boden, bodin, bouden, bodend, forbodin, forboden, bodement,
bode [bod, bɔd]
n. A bid or offer at an auction. An omen.
v. To bid or offer a price at a sale, portend, expect, desire, aim at, offer with insistance, press something on someone, to ask. To threaten.
pp. boden ['bodən, 'bodɪn, 'bɔdɪn] provided, equipped, fitted out. adj. Provided

bodement n. Foreboding.
bodin adj. Full of foreboding.
forbodin adj. Ominous.
forboden adj. Ill-fated, unlucky, unhappy.
bodhran, bodhrán, bowraun, bawraun, boron,
bodhrán ['bɔrɑn]
n. A shallow single headed drum.

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