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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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bowe, bow, bou,
bowe [bʌu]
n. Boll, the seed-pod of flax.

Compounds and phrases etc.

tang-bowe I.Sh.: one of the knobs or vesicles on the leaves of tang
bowe, bow, bowed, bow't, bowe-cheer, bow-cheer,
bowe [bʌu]
v. To assume a bent or crooked shape.
pt. pp. bowed [bʌud, -t] adj. Bent, crooked, arched.

Compounds and phrases etc.

bowe-cheer [-tʃi:r, S. -tʃəir]: an armchair
bouy, bowe, bow, bou, bowe-raip, buirep, burep, bürep, bowe-raip,
bowe [bʌu, MN. bu:i, NN.b. bwi:]
n. A buoy. A fishing float.
v. To buoy up, to fasten buoys to.

Compounds and phrases etc.

bowe-raip: a rope between a boat and a buoy from which the fishing lines or nets are suspended
skin-bowe: a buoy made of an animal skin, A shetland fiddle tune
bowesplit, bowspleet, bowspleit, bowsprit, bowsplit,
bowesplit ['bʌusplɪt]
n. Bowsprit.
bowf, bauf, bouf, bowff, bouff, buff, bowfie, bowffy, bowffie, bowfy, bowfin, bouffin, boufin, bowfing,
bowf [bʌuf]
n. A bark, a dog, a loud, dull sound, loud, hard cough.
v. To bark, to cough loud.

adj. Loudly barking.

adj. Barking, smelly.

Compounds and phrases etc.

bark an bowf: a scolding
bowg, boug,
bowg [NN.b. bʌug]
n. The stomach or belly.

adj. Ill-shaped with distended stomach as a result of wrong feeding.

adj. NN.b. Covered with bladder-like vesicles.

Compounds and phrases etc.

bowglag ware: NN.b. a coarse sea-weed, Fucus vesiculosus
bowie, bowy, meal-bowie,
bowie ['bʌui]
n. A barrel for holding water or ale etc. A small tub for washing. A broad shallow dish. A bucket.

Compounds and phrases etc.

meal-bowie: a barrel for oatmeal
bowk, bouk, boak, boke, bock, bok, bolk, boac, bowkit, bowked, boaked, boukit, boakit, bocket, box, boked, byock, bockit, bokit,
bowk [bʌuk, bok]
n. A retching, vomit, belch. To gush, spurt, of a stream of water or blood etc.
v. To retch, vomit.
pt. pp. bowkit

Compounds and phrases etc.

dry bowk: retching, a belching of wind
the bowks: a fit of retching or vomiting, disgust.
bowlt, bow't, bowt, boult, boolt, bowly, boulie, bouly, bowlie, bowly-legged, bowlie-leggit, boulie-leggit, bowly-leggit, bouly-leggit,
bowl [bʌul]
v. To crook, curve.
pt. pp. bowlt adj. Bent, distorted, crooked.

adj. Bending, curving, crooked.
n. A bow-legged person.

Compounds and phrases etc.

bowlie-leggit: bandy-legged
bowl, bowel, boul, bool, bowle, bowlie, boulie, bowly, bouly, bowl-crappit, bowel-crappit,
bowl [bʌul]
n. A basin or vessel.
dim. bowlie a small bowl.

Compounds and phrases etc.

slap bowl: a slop basin
bowl-crappit: hair cut with a bowl

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