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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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baloo, balou, baloue, bululalow, balow, balu, balillilow, balloo,
baloo ['balu:, ba'lo:, ba'lɪlɪ'lo:]
n. A lullaby.
v. To sing a lullaby.
balwaver, belwaver, bellwaver, bulwaaver,
balwaver ['bə'lwe:vər, 'bə'lwa:vər, 'bɛl'we:vər, 'bɛl'wa:vər]
v. To straggle, stroll, move here and there without a definite objective.
bamp, bamm, bam,
bamp [I.Sh. bam(p)]
v. To nag on about the same topic constantly.
bampot, bam, bamstick, bammer,
bampot ['bampot]
also bamstick ['bamstɪk], bammer.
n. An idiot, fool or nutcase.
ban, bann,
ban [ban]
n. A curse.
v. To vow, to promise with oath(s). To swear or curse. To scold.
ban, bannit, bannt, bandit, bann't, ban't, bannt,
ban [ban]
v. Ban, forbid.
pt. pp. bannit, bann't
bananae, bananie, bananny,
bananae ['bənanə, 'bənani, 'bənane]
n. Banana.
Banchry, Banchrie,
Banchry ['baŋxri]
pn. Banchory. (Aberdeenshire)
bane, been, behn, bayn, banes, bene, marrae-bane, marra-bane, marra-been, banie, bainie, bany, baney, beeny,
bane [ben, MN. bin & bein]
n. Bone, a limb.
pl. banes the whole body, a framework.

banie [benɪ, MN. binɪ & beinɪ]
adj. Bony.

Compounds and phrases etc.

banibiter, baner, banie, baneock: I.Sh. Fisherman's tabu-word for a dog.
breestbane: The breast-bone.
clatter banes: Castanets.
cheek-bane: The cheek-bone.
dirlie-bane: The funny bone.
fortuin bane: I. A wishbone.
green bane: The garfish.
hainch-bane The haunch-bone.
hausebane: The collarbone.
harlibanes: I.Sh. A skeletal looking person.
heukbane: The hip-bone.
hunker-bane: The thigh bone, femur.
hurkle-bane: The hip bone.
knap-bane The knee or knuckle-joint an animal's leg.
knockle-bane: I.Sh. A projecting bone such as the hip.
marrae-bane: The marrowbone.
merkie-bane: I. Marrow-bone.
near the bane: Tight-fisted.
rickle o banes: An emaciated, broken-down person or animal.
rig-bane, riggin-bane: The back bone.
ringbane: Ringbone, an exostosis of the pastern bone.
rumple-bane: The rump-bone, the coccyx.
shackle-bane: The wrist.
snorie-bane: I. A children's toy consisting of a bone on a piece of wood which when spun on a string makes a snoring noise.
spaul-bane: The shoulderblade.
thochtbane: The wishbone.
thee-bane: The thigh-bone.
ugg-bane: The bone behind the gills of a fish.
yockle-bane: I.Sh. The shoulder bone.
banefire, beenfire, behnfire, baynfire, benfire, bonfire, bonefire, boanfire, bondy, bondie,
banefire [ben'fəiər, MN. bin- & bein-]
n. A bonfire.
dim. col. bonie

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