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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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Page 65 of 77 for the letter B

brouse, broose, brooze, brouser, brooser, broozer,
brouse [bru:z]
v. To browse.

n. A browser.
brousle, broosle, broozle,
brousle [bru:zl, brɔɪzl]
v. To bruise, crush or smash.
browden, brouden, browdent, browdend, browdened, broudent, broudened,
browden ['brʌud(ə)n, 'brɔd(ə)n]
v. To be fond of, intent upon anything, hence to pet or pamper.
pt. pp. browdent adj. Closely emotionally attached. Profusely covered or adorned with.

Compounds and phrases etc.

browdent on: charmed
browl, browls, braal, browloch,
browl [MN. brʌul]
n. A dry piece of wood gathered for burning
pl. browls Dry pieces of firewood. A little piece of anything.
dim. browloch
browse, brouse, browze,
browse [brʌuz]
v. To swill.
Broxburn [brɔksbʌrn]
pn. Broxburn.

From Brock's burn.
bruchle [brʌxl]
v. To wrap someone up in a slovenly fashion.
brudge, brootsh,
brudge [I.Ork. brʌdʒ, I.Sh. brɪtʃ, brʌtʃ]
n. A bruise.
v. To bruise, crush, to cut up finely.
brug, brugg, brogg,
brug [I.Sh. brʌg]
n. A sandy, mossy, or heathery hillock.
bruid, brod, brude, brood, brodmel, brodmell, brodmal,
bruid [brud, S C. bryd, SN. I. brød]
also brod [brɔd], brodmel ['brɔdməl, 'brɔdmɪl]
n. A brood.

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