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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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care, caer, chair, carena, uncarin, ooncarin, carebed, carefu, carefae, carefie, careous, caerous,
care [ke:r]
n. Care.
v. To care.

Compounds and phrases etc.

carefu [-fə S. -fɛ, -fɪ, EC. -fe, WC. -fɑ, N. -fɛ, U. I. -fu]: Careful.
carena: To not care.
careous [ke:rəs]: Anxious.
hert's care: Anxiety, deep worry.
uncarin: Uncaring.
carf, kerf,
carf [karf, kɛrf]
n. A cut in timber for a joint, a ditch or channel.
v. To make cuts in timber so as to allow of its bending.
carfuffle, curfuffle, kerfuffle, corfuffle, kififle, cuffuffle, kerfluffle, carfuffil,
carfuffle [kar'fʌfl, kər'fʌfl, kʌr'fʌfl]
n. Disorder, mess, rumpling, creasing. A disagreement, quarrel. A state of excitement or agitation.
v. To disarrange, throw into confusion, to disorder, to tumble, to crease.
cargo, cargae, cargie,
cargae [kargə, kargi, karge]
n. Cargo.
cark [kark]
n. Care, worry, anxiety.
v. To complain peevishly.
carket, carcat,
carket ['karkət]
n. A necklace.
carle, carl, cyarl, kerl, carlie, carle-doddie, curl-daddy, curl-doddy, curl-dodie, curl-dody, curle-doddie, carle-doddy, carl-doddy, curly-doddy, curl-doddie, curl-dodle, churl, wirry-carle, wirry-carl, dodie, karl, carl-doddie, carlers, carlish, carlage,
carle [karl, kerl]
n. An old man, a tall candlestick.
dim. carlie

Compounds and phrases etc.

carlish: Rude, churlish.
carline, carlin, carling, cyarlin, cairlin, cairline,
carline ['k(j)arlɪn, 'kɛrlɪn]
n. An old woman, the last sheaf of corn.
Carline's lowp, Carline's loup, Carlops, Carlups,
Carline's lowp ['karlʌps, 'k(j)arlɪnz lʌup, 'kɛrlɪnz lʌup]
pn. Carlops. (Borders)
carnaptious, canaptious, cyarnaptious, curnaptious, cornaptious, corsnoptious, carnapshus, curnaptious,
carnaptious [kar'napʃəs, kʌr-]
adj. Irritable, quarrelsome, crabbed.

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