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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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Page 13 of 85 for the letter C

Carndouk, Carndoouk
Carndouk ['karnduk]
pn. Carnwadric (Glasgow).
Carnoustie ['kərnustɪ]
pn. Carnoustie. (Dundee)
carpickle, carpuckle,
carpickle ['karpɪkl, -pʌkl]
n. A difficult or embarrasing situation.
Carraecrun, Carracrun, Kerraghrun, Kerrachrun,
Carraecrun ['kɑrəkrʌn]
pn. Carrowcrin. (County Antrim)
carrant, kerrant, coorant, courant, carant, carrivant,
carrant [ka'rant, kə'rant, ku'rant,]
n. An expedition, sudden journey, party etc.
Carrbrig ['Karbrɪg]
pn. Carrbridge. (Badenoch and Strathspey)
Carrick ['karɪk]
pn. Carrick. (Ayrshire)
carrie, carry,
carrie ['kari]
adj. Soft like flummery.

Compounds and phrases etc.

carrie-elt: A thick ill-baked oat-bannock.
carritches, carritch,
carritch ['karɪtʃ, 'karɪdʒ]
n. Catchechism.
pl. carritches
carsackie, carsacky, carsockie,
carsackie ['karsakɪ, 'kʌr-, 'kɔr-, 'kɪr-, -sɛkɪ, -sɪkɪ]
n. An overall.

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