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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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caur, cyar, carr, kyar, kar, caar, cawr, motorcaur, car, motor-cawr, tramcaur,
caur [kɑ:r, kɔ:r, N. I. ka:r]
n. A car.

Compounds and phrases etc.

motorcaur: motorcar
skoosh-caur: col. WC. a tramcar
tramcaur: a tramcar
trottle-caur: U. A low vehicle for moving hay
cause, cahse, caase, caas, cos, gaase,
cause [kɑ:z, kɔ:z N. I. ka:z]
n. Cause.
v. To cause make, to cause something to be made.
pt. pp. caused
causey, causie, cassie, causy, cassey, cossey, caasie, caasey, calsay, cawsey, calsea, calsey, calsie, cassied, causeyd,
causey ['kɑ:zɪ, 'kɔ:zɪ, 'kɑ:se, N. I. 'ka:zɪ]
n. A causeway, A street or pavement laid with cobble-stones as distinguished from flagstones. The paved or hard-beaten place in front of or round about a farmhouse. A close. A cobble-stone.
v. To pave with small stones.
pt. pp. causeyd

Compounds and phrases etc.

causey stane: a paving stone, a cobble stone
Causeybank, Causewaybank, Caaseybank, Caasiebank,
Causeybank ['kɑsbɑŋk]
pn. Causewaybank. (Berwickshire)
caustic, cowstic, cowstick, caastick,
caustic ['kɑ:stɪk, 'kɔ:stɪk, N. I. 'ka:stɪk]
adj. Caustic.
Caustrim, Caastrim, Caustrum, Caustrem,
Caustrim ['kɑstrəm, 'kʌustrəm]
pn. Coldstream. (Borders)
Cavan ['kɑ:vən, 'kavən]
pn. Cavan. (County Cavan)

Compounds and phrases etc.

Coonty Cavan: County Cavan.
cave, caive, kave, kaive, kev, keave, kyauve, kyave, kiauve, kev, kaew, keuve, kyeuve, kyauven, caven, kew, kyaved, kyauved, caved, kyauvin, kyauvan, kaav, caav, caavie, kaavie, kaavie, cavin,
cave [ke:v, MN. kja:v]
n. A toss of the head.
dim. cavie
v. To toss or throw, separate grain from the broken straw. MN. To move or toss about restlessly. To knead. To toil, wrestle laboriously, to struggle, to expend much energy to little effect.
pt. caved, ceuve [MN. kju:v]
pp. caved, caven [MN. 'kja:vən]

cavin [MN. 'kja:vɪn]
adj. Hard-working, struggling hard in the grip of poverty or physical disability.
n. The act of struggling or of working hard.

kauve [I.Sh. ka:v]
v. I.Sh. To dive as snow, to eat greedily.

n.I.Sh. A blizzard.

Compounds and phrases etc.

cave up: the act of rearing
kauveset, kauvsie: I.Sh. unhandy, awkward, clumsy.
cave, caive, kave, kaive, kev, caive,
cave [ke:v]
n. A case for spirit-bottles, a square-shouldered bottle.
cavel, kavvel, cavil, kavl, kavel, kavvel, kavvle, cavel-tree, kavl-tree, kavel-tree, kavlin-tree, kavvelin-tree,
cavel [I.Sh. 'kavəl]
v. To take a fish off the hook by means of a wooden stick with a notch on the lower end.

Compounds and phrases etc.

cavel(in)-tree: an instrument for removing hooks.

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