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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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chad, chaddy, chaddie, chadd, chird, jad,
chad [MN. tʃad]
n. Compacted gravel.

adj. Gravelly.
chaff, chaffer, chafer,
chaff [tʃaf]
n. A worn part.
v. To chafe, rub, wear.

chaffer ['tʃafər]
n. A chafing-dish, a blacksmith's implement.
chaft, chafts, schafts, chaft-blade, chaft-tuith, lang-chaftit, chaftit,
chaft [tʃaft]
n. The chin, jaw.
pl. chafts The cheek.

Compounds and phrases etc.

chaft-blade: the jaw-bone, cheek-bone
chaft-tuith: a molar tooth
chandler-chaftit: lantern-jawed, gaunt, haggarf
lang-chaftit: lantern-jawed
Chainry, Chanry, Shainry,
Chainry ['(t)ʃenre]
pn. Fortrose (Rossshire).
chaipel [tʃepl]
n. A chapel. A Scottish Episcopalian or Roman Catholic place of worship. See kirk.
chaipter, chipter, chapiter,
chaipter ['tʃeptər]
n. A chapter.
chairacter, kerekter,
chairacter ['ke:rəktər]
n. A character.
chairge, chairged, chairgit, chargit, cherge, charge,
chairge [tʃe:rdʒ]
n. Charge. An oath.
v. To charge. To chaff or banter a person, to accuse.
pt. pp. chairged
chairity, chairitie, cherity, cheritie,
chairity ['tʃe:rɪtɪ]
n. Charity.
Chairles, Chairlie, Cherles, Cherlie, Chae,
Chairles ['tʃe:rlz]
n. The personal name Charles.
dim. Chairlie, Chae

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