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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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clash, clesh, clish, clishclash, clashbag, clashbeg, clishbag, clash-pyot, clash-bag, clash-pie, clashpie, clasher, clisher, clashie, clashey,
clash [klaʃ]
n. A clash, a slap or blow, a large amount, a mass of wet spongy substance. Talk, gossip, tittle-tattle, scandal. A tale, story.
pl. clashes
v. To strike, to slap. To slam a door To throw anything forcefully. To fall with a crash or a splash. To tell tales, gossip, talk idly.

clashie ['klaʃɪ, 'klɪʃɪ, 'kliʃɪ, 'klɛʃɪ]
adj. Talkative, gossipy.

Compounds and phrases etc.

clasher ['-ər]: A chatterer, a gossip.
clype-clash: A tell-tale, an informant.

See clish also.
clashmaclaivers, clashmaclavers, clishmaclaiver, clishmaclaver, clashmaclaver, clishmaclavers, clashmaclabber, clishmaclash, clishmeclaiver, clish-ma-clavers, clish-ma-claver,
clashmaclaivers ['klaʃmə'kle:vər]
also clishmaclaiver ['klɪʃmə'kle:vər, 'kliʃ-]
n. Idle talk, gossip, wordy discourse. A talkative busybody.
v. To gossip, chatter

From clash/clish + claiver.
clat, clattie, clatty,
clat [klat]
n. A clot. A lump of something soft. A clot of sheep- or cow-dung, especially when adhering to the fur. A mess, a muddle. A dirty person.
v. To bedaub, to dirty.

clattie ['klatɪ]
adj. Dirty, muddy, slimy, disagreeable.
clatch, clatchie, clatchy,
clatch [klatʃ, klɔtʃ]
n. A flat or splashy sound caused by the fall of a soft, heavy object. An untidy mess, a dirty, untidy person, a slut, a fat, clumsy woman, a clumsy, ungainly person.
v. To move amongst wet or mud with a splashing, squelching sound. To besmear.

clatchie [klatʃɪ, klɔtʃɪ]
adj. Muddy.

Compounds and phrases etc.

clatch up: A badly made article.
clatchin, cletchin,
clatch [SW. U. klatʃ, klɔtʃ]
also clatchin
n. A clutch of chickens or ducks, a setting of eggs.
clatter, clatther, cletter, clatterbag, clatterbags, clatter-bag, clatter-bags, clatterer, klatter,
clatter ['klatər]
n. Sharp sounds, rapidly repeated, country talk, a chatterer, a gossip.
v. To clatter, to gossip, talk scandal.

Compounds and phrases etc.

clatterer: A scandalmonger.
Claudy ['klɑ:de]
pn. Claudy. (County Londonderry)
claug, claag, claag, klag,
claug [I.Sh. kla:g]
n. A cackling.
v. Of fowls: to cackle, clamour. To jabber, twaddle.
claut, clawt, clat, claat,
claut [klɑ:t, klɔ:t, N. I. kla:t]
n. A claw of a cat etc. A scratch. A clutch, grasp, hold. A turnip hoe. A handful, a lump or mass, as of something scraped together.
v. To scratch, claw, tear. To scrape. To hoe. To snatch.
claver, klivver, claiver, kliver, cliver, clivver,
claver ['klevər MN. 'klɪvər]
n. Clover.

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