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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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cost, coast, oncost, oncast, oncoast, uncost, uncast, uncoast, costs, costanent, costnent, cosnent, costit,
cost [kɔst, kost]
n. The cost. Bread, provision, means of sustenance.
pl. costs
v. To cost.
pt. cost, costit
pp. cost

Compounds and phrases etc.

oncost: Outlay, capital costs before profits, additional cost.
costanent ['kɔs(t)(ə)nɛnt]: Working for wages without board.
cosie, cozie, cozy, cosy, cosey,
cosy ['ko:zi]
n. A baby's cap.
adj. Of persons: warm and comfortable, well-wrapped up. Of places: sheltered, providing comfort and protection.
also adv.
cot, cott, cote, coat, kot, cot-tack, cottoun, cotton, cottown, cottun, cottar, cotter, cotthar, cottar-hoose,
cot [kɔt, kot]
n. A humble dwelling, shelter. A cottage. A child's cot.
v. To cohabit with, to dwell in the same house.

cottar ['kɔtər, 'kotər]
n. A cottager, tenant farmer.
v. To live in a cot hoose as a cottar, To house a farm worker in a cottage.

Compounds and phrases etc.

cot hoose: A cottage.
cottar hoose: A cottar's house, a cottage.
cot-tack: A tenancy on a farm or cottage.
cottoun: A small collection of farm cottages.
oo cottar: U. The cormorant.
Cotbrig, Coatbrig,
Cotbrig [kot'brɪg]
pn. Coatbridge. (Lanarkshire)
cotham, cootham, coothum,
cotham ['kɔθəm]
v. To satisfy a hungry person with food.
cothamin, coothamin, coothumin, cothaman, coothaman, coothuman,
cothamin ['kɔθəmɪn]
n. A surfeit.
cotton ['kɔt#601;n]
n. Cotton.
cou, coo, kye, kyne, kine, kyn, kyen, ky, cou-lock, coo-lock, cow-lock, coo's-lick, coo's, coupat, coopat, cou-leddy-stane, colledie-stane, cow-lady-stane, cow-lady-stone, cou-leddie-stane, ka-ay, coos,
cou [ku:, S. kʌu]
n. A cow
pl. kye [kae] also kyne [kəin]

Compounds and phrases etc.

cou-leddy-stane: n. S. Quartz.
coupat: A cowpat.
cou-shell: I.Sh. A large shell Arctica islandica.
cou's lick: An unruly tuft of hair.
heftit cou: An unmilked cow with a full udder.
kye time: Milking time.
milk cou: A cow kept for milk.
couart, cooart, cooard, coord, couartie, cooardie, courdie, coordy, couartie-lick, coordy-lick, couartiness, cooartiness, cooardiness, coordiness, couartie, cooartie, cooardie, coordie, coordy, couarty, couardie, coordly,
couart ['kuərt, 'ku(ə)rt/d]
n. A coward.
dim. couartie

couarty ['kuərti, 'ku(ə)rdi]
adj. Cowardly.

Compounds and phrases etc.

couartiness: Cowardice.
couartie-lick: A coward's blow.
Coucaddens, Coocaddens, Coocaddins,
Coucaddens ['kukadənz]
pn. Cowcaddens (Glasgow).

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