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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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Page 64 of 85 for the letter C

cour, couer, coor, cooer, couerach, coorach, cooerach, courach, couery couerie, coorie, courie, coory, curry, cowrey, keery, cooerie, coury, couerit, coueried, cooried, currie, corrie, coueryin, coueriein, cooryin, courit, coored, coured, couried, couryin, courin, couerin, cow'rin', coorin, cooerin, cow'rin, kurin,
cour [ku:r, 'kuər, kʌr]
also U. courach [ku:rəx, 'kuərəx]
v. To crouch, cringe, cower. To bow, submit. To bend, lower, fold.

courie ['ku:ri, 'kɔrɪ, 'kʌrɪ]
v. To stoop, bend, cringe, crouch for protection, to kneel down. To snuggle, nestle. To embrace.
pt. pp. courit, couried

v. Stooping, bending, crouching for protection etc.

courin ['ku:rɪn, 'kɔrɪn]
v. adj. Cowering.

Compounds and phrases etc.

courie in: To snuggle up to
courag, coorag, currag, coorie, curry,
courag [N. 'ku:rəg]
n. The forefinger, index finger.
courag [NN.b. 'ku:rəg]
n. A woollen cap worn by old men, a sleeping cap.
Couross, Cooross,
Couross ['kurɪs]
pn. Culross. (Fife)
couser, cooser, cuiser, cuisser,
couser ['kusər, 'kʌsər]
n. A stallion.

Compounds and phrases etc.

kintra-couser ['kɪntrə-, N. 'kwɪntrə-]: a travelling stallion
cousie, coosie, cooshie,
cousie ['ku:zi]
n. A challenge to a feat of dexterity or daring, the prance of a horse.
v. To show off tricks.
couslip, cooslip, cuslip, goslip, coousmooth, coosmooth, cousmouth, coosmouth, cowsmouth,
couslip ['kuslɪp]
also MN. cousmooth ['gɔslɪp, 'ku:zmuθ]
n. he cowslip.
coutach, coutyach, cootyach, cuideachd,
coutach [NN.a. 'kutjʌx]
n. A contemptuous term for a company of people

From Gaelic cuideachd.
Couter, Coulter, Cooter,
Couter ['kutər]
pn. Coulter. (Lanarkshire)
couter, cuiter, cooter, cuter, cuither, couther, cutter, catter, kyoder, koder, kjoder, koather,
couter ['kutər, 'kjutər, I.Sh. kjodər]
also couther ['kuθər]
v. To nurse back to health, to pamper, fuss over, mend, patch, put to rights, coax, wheedle.

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