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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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cowk, couk, kowk, couck,
cowk [kʌuk, kok]
n. Retching or vomiting caused by nausea. The act of retching.
Cowlrain, Cowlraine,
Cowlraine [kʌulren]
pn. Coleraine. (County Londonderry)
cown, coun, coan, cone,
cown [kʌun, ko:n]
v. Of children: to weep, to cry aloud, lament.
cowp, coup, cowpit, coupit, cowped, couped, coupt, coop, cup, cuppan, cowper, couper, coper,
cowp [kʌup]
n. A barter, a deal, a bargain
v. To buy and sell or trade.
pt. pp. cowpit

cowper ['kʌupər, 'kupər]
n. A dealer, especially in horses and cattle.

Compounds and phrases etc.

horse-cowper: a horse-dealer
cowp, coup, coop, cope, cowpit, coupit, couped, cowped, coupt, cowpt, owercowp,
cowp [kʌup, U. kop]
n. A fall, tumble, an overturning, upset. A place for emptying rubbish, a dump.
v. To upset, overturn, capsize, to lay low, to ruin. Of a plough: to turn over the ground. To tilt up, to empty by overturning. To twist or sprain one's ankle etc. To overbalance, to fall over, tumble, capsize. To turn bankrupt, to fail.
pt. pp. cowpit

Compounds and phrases etc.

cowp the creels: turn a somersault, fall head over heels, upset a plan
owercowp: to spill out
cowt, cowte, cout, coult,
cowt [kʌut, NN.a. kjʌut]
n. A colt, a young horse. A rough, awkward person, an adolescent boy or girl. A weapon of offence, generally a string with a mass of knotted cord at end or a bannet tied closely.
v. To beat, thrash.

Compounds and phrases etc.

simmer cowt: a summer heat-haze
crabbit, crab, crabbitness, crabbitness, baulster-crab, grabbid,
crab [krab]
n. A crab (the crustacean)
v. To become angry, to show signs of rebellion, to grouse. With at: to find fault with, scold. To anger, provoke.
pt. pp. crabbit adj. In a bad temper, out of humour. Of land or weather: rough, boisterous.

baulster-crab: a female partan Cancer pagurus
carle crab: a male partan Cancer pagurus
crabbitness n. Bad temper.
deeb sea crab: the spider crab Hyas araneus
hairper crab: the masked crab Corystes cassivelaunus
kirssan-crab: [NN.b. kɪrsən-] a small (green or black) crab
crack, craic, craik, crak, crek, creck, crakk, crackit, cracked, cracks, cracker, craker, craicer, craiker, crackie, cracky, crackin, crackin', crackins, craklins, creekins, creeklins, kreekins, kreeklins,
crack [krak]
n. A crack, a flaw. A moment, short space of time. A turn or shot as at a game etc. Talk, gossip, free and easy conversation. A story, an entertaining or scandalous tale. I.Sh. A small, stunted person arrived at maturity but of poor physique.
pl. cracks Stories, tales, news.
v. To strike sharply. Tochat, gossip, have a talk.
pt. pp. crackit adj. Cracked, Unsound of mind.

crackie ['kraki]
adj. Full of talk, affable.

crackin ['krakɪn]
n. v. Conversing.

cracker ['krakər]
n. A loud kiss. A boaster. A talker, gossip, someone good at chatting.
pl. crackers Castanets.

crackins ['krakɪnz]
also cracklins ['kraklɪnz, U. 'kriklɪnz]
n. pl. The solids remaining from rendered fat, food made with such.

Compounds and phrases etc.

crack luifs: shake hands in friendship
twa-haundit crack: dialogue
crackie, cracky, crakie, crockie, crocky,
cracket ['krakət]
n. A low wooden stool.
dim. crackie A small, low, three-legged stool with a hole in the middle of the seat for lifting it
cradeuch, cradden, cradach,
cradden ['kradən]
also cradeuch ['krad(j)ux, krad(j)ʌx]
n. A small person.

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