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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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D, dae, day, dee, die,
D [de:]
D, day the fourth letter of the alphabet
dabberlock, dabberlack, dabberlocks, dabberlacks, dabberlick, dabberlicks,
dabberlock ['dabərlək, 'dabərlɔk]
n. Rags and tatters, an edible seaweed.
dabbitie, dabbity,
dabbitie ['dabɪtɪ]
n. A chimney-piece ornament. China, knick-knacks. A small round toffee.
dabble, dabble-dachie, dabble-dachy, dabbelt, dabbled,
dabble ['dabl'daxɪ]
v. To wrangle.
pt. pp. dabbelt adj. Bemused, distraught.

Compounds and phrases etc.

dabble-dachie ['dabl'daxɪ]: A person who splashes water while washing.
dacent, daicent, daecent, dassint, dacency, daicency, daecency, dacencie, daicencie, daecencie, undacent, undecent, ondaicent, undaicent, ondacent,
dacent ['desənt, NN.b. 'dei-]
adj. Decent.

Compounds and phrases etc.

dacency ['desənsɪ, NN.b. 'dei-]: Decency.
undacent: Indecent.
dachle, dackle, dauchle, dachlin,
dachle [daxl]
also dackle [dakl, dekl]
v. To lessen speed, hesitate, dawdle, impede.

See jachle also.
dacker, daiker, dakker, daak, dicker,
dacker ['dakər]
n. A stroll. An official search.
adj. Of people and weather: hesitating, uncertain, undecided.
v. To walk slowly, to saunter, to loiter. Work without much exertion. To spin out work for the purpose of making overtime. To strike a bargain. To search a house or person for stolen goods.
dad, daddy, daddie, deddy, daidie, deydie, lucky-deddy, luckie-daddie, dawd, da, dey, di, daa, granda, deyd, grand-dey,
dad [dad]
also da, daw [da, de:], dey, deyd [dəi(d), die]
dim. daddy, daidie, dawdie, deydie
n. col. Father or grandfather.

Compounds and phrases etc.

granda: Grandfather.
lucky daddy: A grandfather.
dadie, daddie,
dadie [NN.a. 'dadɪ]
n. A hawker.
dae, dai, dae, doe,
dae [de:]
n. A doe.

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