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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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dry, dhry, drie, dryed, dried, dryachty, dryachtie, dryster, drystar,
dry [draɪ]
adj. Dry.
v. To dry.
pt. pp. dried

dryachty ['draɪaxti]
adj. Of the weather: inclined to be dryish.

Compounds and phrases etc.

dryster: The person in charge of the drying of the grain in a kiln, a dryer of cloth.
Dryston, Dryston,
Dryston ['drəistən]
pn. Drystone.
dryte, drite, drate, dret, dritten, dreit, dryte, dreet, drit, dreitten, drett,
dryte [drəit]
n. Dirt, excrement.
v. To void excrement.
pt. drate [dret, drɛt], pp. dritten ['drɪtən] adj. Dirtied, defiled. Of people: very contemptible, unpleasant in manner. Of things: very obnoxious.
dub, dib, dybe, dubs, dubbie, dubby, dubbit,
dub [dʌb]
n. A puddle, pond, bog.
pl. dubs The mud left in a dried puddle.

dubbie [dʌbɪ]
also dubbit
adj. Muddy.

Compounds and phrases etc.

aidle-dub: A cesspool.
deuk's dub: A duck pond.
dubbin ['dʌbɪn]
n. A mixture of tallow and oil for softening and protecting leather.
duck, duk, dukk,
duck [dʌk]
also dock [dɔk, do:k]
n. The small stone used in a children's game of the same name. A small stone is placed on a larger one and attempted to be hit off by the players at the distance of a few paces.
dim. duckie. The person in charge of the duck.

dockie ['dɔke, do:ke]
n. The stone used in the game of duck. A rounded stone from the sea-shore, used in road-making and for bordering the pavement water-channels.
duckie, dukki, dukkie,
duckie [I. 'dʌki]
n. A doll, also used as a pet-name for a young girl.
dud, duds, duddie, duddy, duddies, dudds, duddered,
dud [dʌd]
n. A cloth, rag. An article of clothing.
dim. duddie Rags, cloths, clothing.
pl. duds

duddy, duddered
adj. Ragged, tattered.
Duddiston, Duddingston,
Duddiston ['dʌdɪstən]
pn. Duddingston. (Edinburgh)
endue, indue, endew,
due [d(j)u:]
adj. adv. Due.
v. Due. To owe, to be indebted.

endue [ən'd(j)u:]
adj. Due, owing.

Compounds and phrases etc.

be due: Of people: to be indebted (to). To owe.

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