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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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Page 49 of 53 for the letter D

dulse, dilse, dillisk, dilsh, dullis, dulce, dullies,
dulse [dʌls, dɪls]
n. The seaweed dulse.
dult, dolt,
dult [dʌlt]
n. A dolt, the pupil at the bottom of the class.
dumba, domba, dumbit, dombit,
dumba [I.Sh. 'dʌmba]
n. The fine refuse of kiln-dried corn after winnowing.

adj. Shabby. Of animals: somewhat dark in colour, dust-like, grayish.
Dumbairton, Dumbartoun, Dumbertan,
Dumbairton ['dʌmbertən, 'dʌmbɛrtən]
pn. Dumbarton. (Dunbartonshire)
Dumfaurlin, Dumfaarlin, Dunfaurlin,
Dumfaurlin ['dʌmfɑ:rlɪn, 'dʌmfɔ:rlɪn]
pn. Dunfermline. (Fife).

Also known as the auld gray toun.
dumfoond, dumfoon, dumfoon', dumfoonder, dumfooner, dumfouner, dumfoondert, dumfoondered, dumfoonert, dumfounert, dumbfoondered, dumfoundered,
dumfoond ['dʌm'fun(d)]
v. To dumfound, amaze.

dumfoonder ['dʌm'fun(d)ər]
v. To dumbfounder, confuse, amaze.
pt. pp. dumfoondert, dumfoondered adj. Dumbfoundered, confused.
Dumfries ['dʌmfris]
pn. Dumfries (Dumfries and Galloway).

Compounds and phrases etc.

doun hamer: a native of Dumfries
dumm, dum, dum', dummie,
dumm [dʌm]
adj. Dumb.

n. A dumb person.
dump, dumpish, dumpage, dumpitch, dumpees, dumpeese, dumpisht, dumpish'd, dumpished, dumper,
dump [dʌmp]
n. A dull, quick blow, a thump, a thud. A hole scooped in the ground for playing marbles.
pl. dumps A thrashing, a punishment.
v. To beat, thump, kick, push. With aboot: to walk with a short, heavy step, to stump.

adj. Dejected, melancholy.
v. To make melancholy, to sadden or grieve.
pt. pp. dumpisht adj. Stupefied, grumpy, surly.

dumper ['dʌmpər]
n. A post rammer for firming earth.
dumpie, dumpy,
dumpie ['dʌmpɪ]
n. A short thick-set person. A breed of very short-legged chickens. S. A footstool or hassock stuffed with chopped hay.
adj. Depressed. Of cloth: coarse and thick.

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