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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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daunt, dant, daant, da'nt, daunten, danton, daunton, daten, dantan, daanton, dauntonly, undauntit, undaantit,
daunt [dɑ:nt, dɔ:nt, N. I. da:nt]
n. pl. daunts Discouraging words.
v. To daunt.
pt. pp. dauntit

daunten ['dɑ:n'tən, 'dɔ:n'tən, N. I. 'da:n'tən]
v. To frighten, subdue, discourage.

Compounds and phrases etc.

dauntless: dauntless
undauntit: undaunted
daupit, dawpit, dawpet, daupet,
daupit ['dɑ:pɪt, 'dɔ:pɪt, N. 'da:pɪt]
adj. Dull-witted, stupid, imbecile.
daur, dar, daar, dar', daursay, daarsay, daured, daurt, daurd, daurt, daur't, daart, daard, daurna, darena, darenae, daurnae, darna, durna, darnae, daarna, daarnae, daurs, dars, daars, durst, durstna, durstnae, daurstna, daursna, dursna,
daur [dɑ:r, dɔ:r, N. I. da:r]
n. A feeling of awe or fear.
v. To dare, intimidate, lurk, crouch.
pt. pp. daured also durst [dʌrst] in the sense of 'ventured'.

neg. daurna, durstna Dare not, daren't.
daursna Dares not.

Compounds and phrases etc.

daursay [-se:]: I must say, I vehemently declare.
daurk, dawrk, derk, dark, dairk, daark, daurker, dawrker, derker, darker, dairker, daarker, daurksome, derksome, derksome, daurken, derken, darken, dairken, daarken, daurkenin, darkenin, dawrkenin, darkening, derkenin, darkies, dairkenin, daarkenin, daurklins, derklins, darklins, dairklins, daarklins, daurknin,
daurk [dɑrk, NN.b. dʌrk]
also derk [dɛrk]
n. The dark.
dim. daurkie: A dark skinned person.
adj. Dark
comp. daurker n. A dirty look.

daurken ['dɑrkən]
also derken ['dɛrkən]
v. To darken. NN.b. To become disheartened, disinclined.

daurkenin ['dɑrkənɪn]
also derkenin ['dɛrkənɪn]
n. The twilight.

daurklins, derklins
n. The twilight. adv. In the dark.

Compounds and phrases etc.

daurksome [-səm]: melancholy, dismal
haurd daurkenin I.: the very last of the daylight
daut, dawt, dat, daat, dautie, dawtie, dattie, daatie, dautit,
daut [dɑ:t, dɔ:t, N. I. da:t]
n. A caress.
dim. dautie A darling, a pet.
v. To pet, fondle, caress, make much of.
pt. pp. dautit
Dauvit, Dauvid, Dawvit, Davit, Davie, Davy, Davock, Davok, Davoc, Dawvid, Daavit,
Dauvit ['dɑ:vɪt, 'dɔ:vɪt, N. I. 'da:vɪt]
n. The Personal name David.
dim. Davie ['de:ve], Davock ['davək], MN. Dite ['dəit]

Compounds and phrases etc.

strick-davie NN.a.: The little tern Sterna albifrons
daver, daiver, daivver, davver, daaver, davert, daivert, daivvert, davvert, davered, daivered, daivvered, davvered, daavert, daavered, davily, davielie, daviely, davilie,
daver ['de:vər]
n. A stunning blow or fall.
v. To wander aimlessly, daze, make numb, chill.
pt. pp. davert, davered adj. Dazed, numbed, stupefied, bewildered, confused.

davily ['de:vɪlɪ]
adv. Listlessly, languidly.
davoch, davach, dauch, daugh, doch,
davoch ['davəx]
also dauch [dɑ:x]
n. A measure of land.
daw, daa, da,
daw [dɑ:, dɔ:, N. da:]
n. A jackdaw, a lazy person, a slut.
daw, da,
daw [dɑ:, dɔ:, N. I. da:]
n. An atom, a jot, a whit.

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