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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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eleiven, elieven, eleeven, elei'n, elee'n, eleen, elaiven, leven, leiven, livin, elivin, ele'en, aleyven, eliven, eleevin, eleivent, elievent, elei'nt, eleent, leventh, levent, leventht, livintht, eleevint, aleeven, aleyven,
eleiven [ə'li:vn, ə'le:vn, N. ə'ləivn]
n. Eleven.
adj. Eleven.

eleivent, 11t Eleventh
elf, ailf, alfe, ulf, elph, Elfin, Elphin, elf-ring, elph-ring, elphe-ring, elf-shot,
elf [ɛlf, MN. ʌlf]
n. An elf.

Compounds and phrases etc.

Elfin: Fairyland, a euphemism for hell.
elf-ring: A fairy ring.
elf-shot: A cattle sickness thought to be caused by fairies, bewitched.
Elgin, Ailgin,
Elgin ['ɛlgɪn]
pn. Elgin. (Moray)
elide, elyde,
elide [ə'lid, ə'ləid]
v. leg. To quash, annul, render ineffective.
ell, ellwand, ellwan, wllwan', ell-wan, ell-wan', ell-wand,
ell ['ɛl]
n. A unit of measurement 37 inch 94.5 cm.

Compounds and phrases etc.

ellwand ['ɛlwən(d)]: A measuring rod, yardstick.
Langhowm ell: A measure of 371/8 inches.
elm, ailm,
elm [ɛlm]
n. The elm tree.
elshin, elson, elsin, elsh, ellishon, ellieson, eshin,
elshin ['ɛl(ɪ)ʃɪn, 'ɛl(ɪ)sɪn]
n. A shoemaker's awl.
Elshinthord, Elshinthurd,
Elshinthurd ['ɛlʃɪnθərd]
pn. Athelstaneford. (East Lothian)
elsk, elska, elsko,
elsk [I.Sh. ɛlsk]
v. To love.

Compounds and phrases etc.

elska cry: I.Sh. A death cry.
Elspeth, Elspath, Elspat, Elspet, Elspa, Else, Elsie, Eppie, Eppy, Bess, Bessie, Bessy, Leezie, Liezie, Liezy, Leezy, Leebie, Leeby, Liebie, Lieby,
Elspeth ['ɛlspəθ]
n. The Personal name Elizabeth.
dim. Elsie, Eppie, Nepps
also Bess, dim. Bessie. Leezie ['li:zɪ], Leebie ['libi] from Elizabeth.

bessie n. An ill-mannered, romping, or bad-tempered woman or girl, a light-headed girl.

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