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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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funk, funkis, fownk, fyownk, fyunk,
funk [NN.b. f(j)ʌuŋk, I. f(j)ʌŋk]
n. Thick smoke. A strong, unpleasant, smell.
funtain, funtin, foontin, foontain, foont, fount, funtainheid,
funtain ['fʌntɪn]
n. A fountain.

Compounds and phrases etc.

funtainheid: A fountainhead.
Funyie Girt, Finnigirt,
Funyie Girt [fɪn(i)gɪrt]
pn. Funzie Girt. (Shetland)
fur, furry, furrie,
fur [fʌr]
n. Fur, animal hair.

adj. Furry.
furl [fʌrl]
n. A curl. S. Anything curly and fluttering.
v. To roll or fold up something.
furm, form, firm, foairm, foarm, furms, foairms, foarms,
furm [fʌrm]
n. A low wooden bench.
furnitur ['fʌrnɪtər]
n. Furniture.
furr, fur, fur', furrt, furred, feereen, brak-furr, brak-fur, furr-beast, fur-beast, furrer,
furr [fʌr]
n. A furrow.
v. To plough, to mark or make furrows.
pt. pp. furrt, furred

Compounds and phrases etc.

brak-furr: MN. To plough shallow furrows.
fittie-furr: A pair of plough horses.
furrer: A horse for walking in the furrow.
riggit an furrt: Ribbed, having a corrugated surface.
thraw the furr: Turn the soil.
furrin, fern, forrin, furreign, furren,
furrin ['fʌrɪn]
adj. Foreign, abroad.

Compounds and phrases etc.

furriner: Foreigner.
furth, furt, forth, furthie, forthy, forthie, frothy, frothie, furtie, furty, furthiness, furtiness, forthiness, furthwart, furthward,
furth [fʌrθ, I.Sh. fʌrt]
n. The out-of-doors, the open air.
adv. Forth. Outside, out of doors, into the open air.
prep. Forth, out of, from, outside.

furthie ['fʌrθɪ I.Sh. 'fʌrti]
adj. Forward in disposition, bold, impulsive, energetic.

Compounds and phrases etc.

furthiness: Frankness, affability.
furthsetter ['fʌrθ-]: One who sets forth, an author, a publisher.
furth the gate: Honest, straightforward.
furthwart [-wərt]: Outwards.
the muckle furth: The great outdoors.
set furth: To publish.
setten furth: Set forth, published.

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