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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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gailerie, gailery, gaillerie, galdery, galdery, galdrey, galderi, galderie, gallerie,
gailerie ['geləri]
n. A gallery.

galdery [I. gald(ə)ri]: A large bare, barn-like room or building.
gailey, gaillie, gailley, gellie, gailie, gelley, gallea,
gailey ['gele, 'gɛle]
n. A galley, ship, garret, an out-house, where male farm-servants sleep, a dirty or untidy house or room, a room where odds and ends are kept. I.Sh. A replica Viking ship built for Up-helly-aa.
Gaimrie, Gamrie, Gamrie, Gaimrock, Gaimreck,
Gaimrie ['gemri]
pn. Gardenstown. (Aberdeenshire)

Compounds and phrases etc.

Gaimrock: A native of Gardenstown.
Gaimrie knottie: A kind of spiced bun or rock-cake
gain, gane, gainfu, ganefu, gainfae,
gain [gen]
n. Addition, profit. A perquisite, an allowance in kind in addition to cash wages.
adj. Of a road: straight, direct.
v. To gain. To suffice, serve, last.

adj. Winning, winsome, lovable, ingratiating.

Compounds and phrases etc.

gainer: a winner in a competition etc.
gainfu [-fə S. -fɛ, -fɪ, EC. -fe, WC. -fɑ, N. -fɛ, U. I. -fu]: gainful, money-making
gainder, gainer, ganner, gonner, gender, gainter, genner,
gainder [gen(d)ər, 'gɛn(d)ər]
n. A gander.
v. To wander aimlessly, display conceited airs and gestures.
gair, gare, gehr, gairt, gaired, gairit, gairs, gares, gairy, garey, gehry, garrie, gairie, gairey, gary, gairie-bee, gairiebee, gairy-bee,
gair [ge:r]
n. A strip or triangualr piece of cloth, a strip of green grass usually on a hill, marshy ground in heather.
pl. gairs Slashes, coloured insertions.
v. To become streaked.
pt. pp. gaired adj. Striped.

gairy ['ge:ri]
adj. Variegated, having streaks or stripes of different colours, gaudy.

Compounds and phrases etc.

gairy-bee: a black and yellow striped wild bee
gair, gare, gear, geary, gare-gaun,
gair [ge:r]
n. Greed, covetousness.
adj. Sharp, keen. Greedy, covetous. Parsimonious, niggardly, thrifty, careful.

Compounds and phrases etc.

gair-gaithert: accumulated by greed
gair-gaun: rapacious, greedy
gaird, gard, gaurd, gairdian, guaird, gairdie, gardy, gairdy, gardie, gardee, gairdie-cheer, gairdie-chair, gardy-chair, gardychair, gairdy-chair, gardies, gairdies,
gaird [ge:rd]
n. A guard.
v. To guard.
pt. pp. gairdit

gairdie ['ge:rdɪ, N. 'gardɪ]
n. The (fore)arm, the hand or fist.

Compounds and phrases etc.

gairdian: a guardian
gairdie-cheer [-tʃi:r, S. -tʃəir, N. 'gardɪtʃi:r]: an armchair
gaird fish: the hake
vangaird: vanguard
gairden, gerden, gairn, yairden, gairdun, girden, gairdener, gairdner, gairner, gerd'ner,
gairden ['ge:rdən, 'gɛr-]
n. A garden.

Compounds and phrases etc.

gairdener ['ge:r(d)nər]: a gardener
gairdener's gairtens: ribbon-grass
gairnish, gernish,
gairnish ['ge:rnɪʃ]
v. To garnish.

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