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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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graisle, graizle, graislin,
graisle ['gre:zl]
v. To frizzle, crackle, crumple, creak.
graith, greth, grath, graitht, graithit, graithed, graithy-cloots, grethy-cloots, graithin, graithly, graithlie,
graith [greθ, grɛθ, grəiθ]
n. Equipment, gear, armour. A soapy lather prepared for washing clothes, the dirty soap-suds left after clothes have been washed. Stale urine, formerly used in washing clothes or in dyeing. I. Any kind of urine.
v. To prepare, make ready, harness.
pt. pp. graitht

graithly ['greθlɪ, 'grɛθlɪ, 'grəiθlɪ]
adj. Carefully, well, successfully, distinctly.

graithin ['greθɪn, 'grɛθɪn, 'grəiθɪn]
n. Equipment, accoutrements, trappings, harness, dress.

Compounds and phrases etc.

graith-kettle: I. A kettle for boiling graith for use in dyeing.
graithy-cloots: Baby's nappies.
graithy-pat: A chamber pot.
staundin graith: Fixtures.
graivel, grevel,
graivel ['gre:vəl]
n. Gravel.
gralloch ['gralɔx]
n. A deer's guts.
v. To disembowel a deer.
gram, grame,
gram [gran, grɛm, grem]
n. Anger, passion, grief.
v. Very eager, keen on getting something.
grammaphone ['graməfon]
n. A grammaphone.
grammar, gremmar,
grammar ['gramər, MN. 'grɛmər]
n. Grammar, learning, scholarship.
grammle, grammal, grammel, gramloch, grammloch,
grammle [graml]
v. To scramble, grab, grasp.

gramloch ['gramlox]
adj. In an avaricious manner.
grand, graund, gran, graun, grawn, grawnd, gran', graun', grand-sir, gransher, grensher, grencher, grandsire, grann, gran'eur, groncie, grunsie, grunshy, graand, grand-sire, grandbairn, granbairn, grand-bairn, gran-bairn, grandchild, grandchilder, granddochter, grand-dochter, grandochter, gran-dochter, grandwean, granwean, grand-wean, gran-wean, gran'wean, grandur, grander, granner, grandir, grandor, garandur, grandure,
grand [gran(d), grɑn(d)]
adj. Grand, fine, splendid.
adv. Grandly, finely, splendidly.

Compounds and phrases etc.

grandur ['gran(d)ər]: Grandeur.
grand-sire [gran(d) sɪr, grɑn(d)-, -sʌr]: A great-grandfather. A big, stoutly-built person.
grandgore, grangour, grangore, glengore,
grandgore ['gran(d)go:r, grɑn(d)-]
n. Veneral disease, syphilis.

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