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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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galder, gaalder, galders, gaalders,
galder [I.Sh. 'galdər]
n. A noisy vulgar laugh. A high roaring wind, astrong gust of wind, a strong breeze. A loud yell. Noisy chatter.
pl. galders Noisy mirth.
v. To laugh in a noisy vulgar manner. Of the wind: to blow hard, to bluster.
gallae, gallaes
gallae ['galə, 'gale]
n. usually pl. gallaes A gallows, an apparatus for hanging criminals.
Gallaerig, Gaurlick, Gawrlick, Gallowridge,
Gallaerig ['garlɪk]
pn. Gallowridge. (Fife)
gallant, galant, gallaunt, galland, gallants,
gallant ['galant n., ga'lant v.]
adj. Gallant, large, excellent.
v. To gallivant, to flirt.

gallants n. pl. Nobles.
Gallawa, Gallawa', Gallowa, Gallowa', Galloway,
Gallawa ['galawa]
pn. Galloway.

n. A small, sturdy type of horse. A stocky, hornless breed of black cattle.

adj. Belonging to Galloway.
n. A native of Galloway.
galliart, galliert,
galliart ['galɪjərt]
adj. arch. Brightly coloured, gaudy.
gallimaufry, gallimafray, gallimaufrie, gallimafraie,
gallimaufry [galɪ'mɔ:fri, galɪ'mafri]
n. A hotch-potch, a dish of varied ingredients.
gallivant ['galɪvənt]
v. To gad about.
gallon, gellon,
gallon ['galən]
n. A gallon. A Scots gallon is roughly equal to three Imperial gallons or twelve quarts.
galloper ['galəpər]
n. col. A five-shilling piece.

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