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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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Garraehill, Garrahill, Garrahull,
Garraehill ['garəhɪl, -hʌl]
pn. Garrowhill. (Glasgow)
garret, garrett,
garret ['garət]
n. A garret.
garron, garran, garren, gurran, garra, gallan, garron-nail, cadden, caddle, cathel, caddan, carron-nail, carrion, cannon-nail, cannie-nail,
garron ['garən]
n. A length of squared timber, a beam.
garron, girron, gurron, girran,
garron ['garən, 'gɛr-, MN. 'gʌr-]
n. A small sturdy kind of horse.
Garrydou, Garrydoo,
Garrydou ['gɑredu]
pn. Garryduff.
garth, gaart, gart,
garth [garθ, I.Sh. ga:rt]
n. An enclosure, yard garden, a ford, shallow shingly part of a river.

Compounds and phrases etc.

kinnengarth ['kʌnɪ(ŋ)garθ, 'kʌnɪ(ŋ)gər]: arch. A rabbit warren.
ockragarth [I.Sh. 'okrəg(j)ɛ:rt]: A piece of pasture-land within the farm-dyke, stubble for grazing.
retta-garth: I.Sh. A fence that guides sheep in to a pen.
garvie, garvock,
garvie ['garvi, S. 'gɛrvi]
also garvock ['garvək]
n. The sprat.
Garvit, Garvald,
Garvit ['garvɪt]
pn. Garvald. (Borders)
Garvock ['garvɪk]
pn. Garvock. (Aberdeenshire)
gas, gasoliery, gasoliere, gasoleery, gaselier, gasoliere, gasoleerie, gasoliere, gaswarks,
gas [gas]
n. Gas.
v. To gas.
pt. pp. gas't, gassed

Compounds and phrases etc.

gasoliery [gasə'li:ri]: A gas chandelier.
gaswarks ['gas-]: Gasworks.

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