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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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H, itch, ich,
H [etʃ]
H, aitch also itch [ɪtʃ] the eighth letter of the alphabet
haaf, hawf, hauf, haf, haff, haivel, heave-eel, have-eel, haevel, haaf-fish, haaf-man,
haaf [ha(:)f]
n. A deep sea fishing ground.

Compounds and phrases etc.

haaf-man: I.Sh. A man engaed in deep-sea fishing.
haar, haary, haarie, haury, haurie,
haar [ha(:)r]
n. A cold, easterly wind. A cold mist or fog, usually used on the east coast for a sea-mist.

haary [ha(:)rɪ]
adj. Misty, foggy, cold. Of wind: piercing.

Compounds and phrases etc.

roosty-haar, sleepy-haar: NEC. A fog off the sea which starts in the middle of the day and lasts till about midnight.
Haarlaw, harlaw,
Haarlaw [ha(:)rlɑ:, -lɔ:, N. -la:]
pn. Harlaw.
hab [hab]
n. A hob.
habber, haber, hubber,
habber ['habər]
n. A stammer, a stutter.
v. To stammer, stutter.
habbermagallion, habermagallion,
habbermagallion ['habərmə'galɪən]
n. U. A fool, a stupid, useless person.
habble, hubble, hobble, hobblin, hobbelt, hobblet,
habble ['habl, 'hʌbl]
n. A difficulty, state of muddle or perplexity. Confusion, uproar, disturbance, hubbub. A lout, a coarse or uncouth person.
v. To hobble, to move unsteadily, limp about. To confuse, perplex, nonplus, embarrass, to impede, hamper or foil in the performance of anything, to mismanage. To stutter, to talk confusedly.
pt. pp. habbelt adj. Perplexed.
habbleshew, hobbleshew, hubbleshew, hobbleshoe, habblesheu, hobblesheu, hubblesheu, hubbelskyu,
habbleshew ['hablʃu:]
n. An uproar, tumult, a row, an altercation, babel, hubbub, a rabble.
habby, habbie,
habby ['habɪ]
n. A hobby.

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