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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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Page 6 of 44 for the letter H

hake, haik,
hake [hek]
n. The hake.

Compounds and phrases etc.

herrin hake: the hake
Halbert, Hab, Habbie, Habby,
Halbert ['halbɛrt]
n. The personal name Halbert.
dim. Hab, Habbie ['habɪ]
hale, hail, haill, 'hale, halin, hailin, haillin, hailin, halin,
hale [hel]
n. A haul, especially of fish, the hauling in of nets.
v. To haul, drag, pull up, arrest a suspect, move quickly, Of heavy rain or perspiration: flow copiously, run down, pour.

v. Hauling, dragging etc.

Compounds and phrases etc.

halin cabe I.Sh.: the thole-pin over which a fishing line is hauled in
halin-haund: NN.a. the port side
halin on: raining heavily
ower hale: to overtake
halibut, but, 'but,
halibut ['halɪbʌt]
contracted 'but
n. The halibut.

Compounds and phrases etc.

chicken 'but: the halibut
rock halibut: the saithe
hallae, hallow, halla, halli, Halloween, Hallowe'en, haleve, holleve, Hallaeday, Hallowday, halladay, halliday,
hallae ['halə, 'hale]
n. Hallow.

Compounds and phrases etc.

Hallaeday ['halade:, 'halede:]: Hallowsday, November 1st
Hallae e'en: Hallowe'en
halleve: U. Hallowe'en
Hallae-fire: a Hallowe'en fire
hallan, halland, hallant, hain, hollan, hallan-shakker, hallan-shaker, hallanshaker, hallanshanker, hallandshaker,
hallan ['halən, 'haɪn]
n. A inner wall or partition often forming a porch or passage, partition between the door and fire place, a pile of turf just outside the house. I. A hen roost. Space above a box bed.

Compounds and phrases etc.

hallan-shakker [-'ʃakər, -'ʃekər]: a sturdy beggar, a vagabond, tramp
hallan stane: threshold, doorstep, NN.b. a stone placed between cattle stalls in a byre to form a dividing wall
hallie, hally,
hallie ['halɪ]
n. The weekend.
hallion, hullion, halion, halian, halyon, hallions, hellion,
hallion ['haljən, 'hʌl-]
n. A rascal.