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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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Leddyyird, Leddyard,
Leddyyird ['lɛdijʌrd]
pn. Ladyyard. (borders)
ledge, lege, allege, ledgit,
ledge ['lɛdʒ]
v. To allege, to assert, declare, make statements usuually by way of accusation.

v. Alleging etc.
ledge, ledgit, leget,
ledge ['lɛdʒ]
also leget ['lɛdʒət]
n. A projecting rim, a flange, a ramp. A label projecting from the page of a book for ease of reference. The parapet of a bridge. MN. The top of the lower sash of a window forming a ledge or shelf.
v. To jut out, project, overhang. To furnish with a parapet.

n. A projection, ledge. A parapet.
lee, lie, lee'd, leed, leid, lees, leet, leear, leer, lee'er, le'er, leeir, leein, liein, leein',
lee [li:, S. ləi]
n. A lie, a falsehood.
v. To lie, to tell a falsehood.
pt. pp. lee'd

leein [li:ɪn, S. ləiɪn]
v. Telling untruths, lying.

Compounds and phrases etc.

leear [li:(ə)r, S. ləi(ə)r]: A liar.
un-lee'd: Without a lie.
lee, lie, lea,
lee [li:, S. ləi]
n. Shelter, sheltered side or position, calm, peace.
adj. Sheltered, protected from the wind.

Compounds and phrases etc

leesome [-səm]: Shady.
leebel, libel,
leebel ['libl]
n. Libel. leg. Any piece of writing, statement of reason for action.
leeberal, leiberal, leebral,
leeberal ['libərəl]
adj. Liberal.
leeberate, leiberate,
leeberate ['libəret]
v. To liberate.
leeberty, leibertie, leebertie,
leeberty ['libərti]
n. Liberty.
leebrar, leebrary, librar, leebrarie, leibrar, leibrarie, Leebray, leeberary,
leebrar ['lib(ə)rər]
n. A library

n. A librarian.

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