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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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leister, leester, leisterin, leesterin,
leister ['listər]
n. A spear with three or more barbed prongs, used for striking at and catching salmon, a trident.
v. To spear fish with a leister.

leisterin ['listərɪn]
v. Spearing a fish with a leister.
leisur, leesur, laisure, leesure, leasure,
leisur ['li:ʒər, 'li:zər, 'le:ʒər]
n. Leisure.
Leith [liθ]
pn. Leith. (Edinburgh)
Leithowm, Leitum, Leitem,
Leithowm [litəm]
pn. Leitholm. (Borders)
lempet, lampit, lempit, lemped, lempeck, lempick,
lempet ['lɛ(i)mpət, 'lɛmpɪk]
n. A limpet. A nickname for a native of Stronsay parish.

Compounds and phrases etc.

lempet-cuidie: A small basket for collecting limpets.
Lempetgreen, Limpetgreen, Limpickgreen,
Lempetgreen ['lɛmpɪkgrin]
pn. Limpetgreen.
lemse, lemsit, lemskit, lemsket, lempsit, lemset,
lemse [I.Sh. lɛms]
adj. Stiff or halting in one's movements, slow, sluggish, sloppy.

lemsit, lemskit
adj. Weak and debilitated-looking.
lench, lainch, lensh, lainsh, lanch,
lench [lɛnʃ, lenʃ]
v. To launch. To take long, quick strides, to spring, bound. To throw, fling, shovel out quickly.
pt. pp. lencht, lenched
lend, len', lenn, loan, len, lent, lennit, loant, lenned,
lend [lɛn(d)]
n. A loan, something borrowed or given in loan.
v. To lend, to give on loan. To deal, fetch, deliver a blow on a person or thing.
pt. pp. lend, lent

Compounds and phrases etc.

tak a lend o: To take advantage of.
the lend o: A loan of.
Lennie, Lenzie, Lenyie,
Lennie ['lɛrnɪ]
pn. Lenzie. (Dunbartonshire)

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