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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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lenocinium, lenociny,
lenocinium ['lɪnosɪnjəm]
n. leg. The connivance or encouragement by one of the partners in a marriage of the adultery of the other, implying collusion and thus acting as a bar to divorce.
lenth, lentht, lent, lenthen, linth, alenth, alength, alent,
lenth [lɛnθ, I.Sh. lɛnt]
n. Length. Stature, height.
v. To take long strides, to cover a distance quickly.

v. To lengthen.

Compounds and phrases etc.

alenth [ə'-]: adv. Onward, forward.
at last an lenth: At long last, at length, finally.
at lang an lenth: At long last, at length, finally.
the lenth o: As far as.
leopard, libbard, libbart, lippart, leppart, leppard, lepper, leper, leppirt,
leopard [lɛpər(d), lɪpər(t),
n. A leopard.
leprone, laproun, leprun, lipperan,
leprone ['ləpron]
n. A young hare or rabbit.
lerb, lerp, lirb,
lerb [MN. lɛrb]
n. A lick, as much as can be taken up by the tongue, a mouthful of some liquid or semi-liquid, as of jam.
v. To lap with the tongue, to slobber in drinking.
Lergae, Lergie, Lergy,
Lergae ['lɛrge, 'lergə]
pn. Largo. (Fife)
Lerwick ['lɛr(w)ɪk]
pn. Lerwick (Shetland).
lese, leise, leize, laese, leeze, lesed, leised, leized, laesed, leezed, lesion, lese-maijesty, lese-majesty, leise-majesty, lese-majeste,
lese [li:z]
v. In medical usage: to hurt, harm, impair or injure. In a legal sense: to cause loss or damage to, to injure one in regard to his interest, property, reputation or the like.
pt. pp. lesed

n. In medical usage: a morbid change in an organ of the body. leg. Damage or injury to the interests of a person, espescially one not of full legal capacity.

Compounds and phrases etc.

lese-maijesty: The crime of treason.
Lesmahagae, Lismahagae, Lismahagie,
Lesmahagae [lɛz'məhege]
pn. Lesmahagow. (Lanarkshire)
less, ill-less, illes, ull-less, ill-less-guidless, ull-less-guidless, unless, onless, aless, oonless,
less [lɛs]
adj. Less. Smaller in number, fewer.
conj. Unless.
prep. Except, with the exception of.
suff. added to nouns or verbs to express negative attributes.

Compounds and phrases etc.

naetheless: Nevertheless.
unless ['ʌn-]: prep. Unless, except, but (for).

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