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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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list, lust,
list [lɪst]
n. Will, inclination, desire, appetite.
v. To wish, desire, please.
list, lust, lyst, lush, liste, listen, lissen, listent, lissent, lissened, leesten,
list [lɪst]
v. To listen, to hear.

listen ['lɪsən]
v. To listen.
pt. pp. listent.

listenin ['lɪs(ə)nən]
v. Listening
lit, litt, wanlit, blue-lit, blue-litt, lister, litster,
lit [lɪt]
n. A dye, tint, dye-stuff, specifically indigo blue.
v. To dye, colour, give a hue to, tinge.

Compounds and phrases etc.

blue-lit: Indigo dye.
litster ['lɪ(t)stər]: A dyer of cloth.
wanlit: Unlit, darkened, dark.
liteegious, litigious, liteigious,
liteegious ['lɪtidʒəs]
adj. Litigous, vindictive, spiteful. Prolix, prosy, tedious in talk. leg. Subject to litigation.
lith, lithit,
lith [lɪθ]
n. A limb, member of the body. A joint in a limb, finger or toe etc. One of the natural divisions or segments of an orange, onion or apple etc. A joint, slice or segment. One of the rings at the base of a cow's horn.
v. To disjoint, sever the joints of, dislocate, to wring a hen's neck.
lithe, lythe, lyde, ley'd, lithock, lithocks, lithesome, lythesome, lydesome, ley'dsome, lithin, leethe,
lithe [laeð, SW. SN. laed]
n. Calm, peace, stillness, tranquillity. Shelter, protection from the weather, a sheltered spot, the lee side of anything. A period of calm, a lull, respite.
adj. Of people etc.: gentle, mild, genial, kindly, affectionate. Of a place etc.: calm, sheltered from the elements, cosy, snug.
v. To shelter, give protection from weather. To thicken or mellow soup or gravy by the addition of flour or oatmeal etc. To make water thick or turbid with mud or sludge.

Compounds and phrases etc.

in the lithe o ye: Through your influence.
lithesome [-səm]: adj. Gentle, mild, genial, kindly, affectionate.
lithin: n. The flour, meal or milk added to soup or gravy etc.
lithocks: Oatmeal gruel.
lither ['lɪðər]
n. Laziness, sloth.
adj. Lax, relaxed, sluggish, languid, lethargic, without energy, lazy, idle. Loose, pliant, supple.
Lithgae, Lithca,
Lithgae ['lɪθke, 'lʌθki]
pn. Linlithgow. (West Lothian)
lithie, lithy,
lithie [I.Ork. lɪθi]
n. A block or stout peg of wood driven into the wall of a byre to which a cow can be tethered.
little, littil, luttle, littlean, littlin, littleen, littlean,
little ['lɪtl]
n. A little while, a short time.
adj. Little. Younger or less important in rank or status etc.
comp. littler, less [lɛs]
superl. littlest, least [list, lest]

Compounds and phrases etc.

littlin ['lɪtlɪn]: A small child, baby, infant, little one.

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