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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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M, emm, em,
M [ɛm]
M, em the thirteenth letter of the alphabet,
machair, machar, maher, macher, maker,
machair ['maxər]
n. A stretch of low-lying land next to the sea, covered with grasses and used for rough grazing.
Machera ['mɑxərɑ, 'mɑhərɑ
pn. Maghera. (County Londonderry)
Macherafelt ['mɑxərəfɛlt, 'mɑhərɑfɛlt, mɑrəfɛlt]
pn. Magherafelt. (County Londonderry)
machine, maschine, machinery, maschinery, machinerie, maschinerie,
machine ['məʃin]
n. A machine. A horse-drawn passenger vehicle, a brake, a trap or small carriage, a motor car.

machinery ['məʃinərɪ]
n. Machinery, a factory using power-driven plant, fatalism, predestination.
mackerel ['makərəl]
n. Mackerel.

Compounds and phrases etc.

buck mackerel: The horse mackerel.
stuir mackerel: The horse mackerel.
mad, maddie, madder, madderam, madderim, madram, madrim, madrum, maddrum, madrom, maddr'm, madder drim, madderdom, maddendrim, madden dream, maddertim, madderdum, maddrim, madden-dreem,
mad [mad]
adj. Infuriated, beside oneself with rage, violent in temper, explosive, annoyed, angry, keen, very eager.
comp. madder
superl. maddest

Compounds and phrases etc.

maddie, madder: A lunatic.
madderam ['mad(ə)rəm]: Madness, folly, frantic rage, tantrums, boisterous fun, wild pranks, hilarity.
mad wi it: col. Extremely intoxicated.
reid mad: Furiously angry, demented.
madder, mather, meather, mether,
n. A square wooden vessel, used as a measure of liquor.
Madge [madʒ]
n. dim. The personal name Marjorie.
mafflin, maffle,
mafflin ['maflɪn]
n. Procrastination, bungling.

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