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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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meestery, meesterie, meisterie, maistery, maisterie,
meestery ['mistərɪ]
n. A mystery.
meestic, meestic-knots, mystic-knots, meistic-knots,
meestic ['mistɪk]
adj. Mystic.

Compounds and phrases etc.

meestic-knots [-(k)nots MN. -tnots]: the knots on a bride's night dress
meet, meit, maet, met, mitten, metten, meetin, meitin, maetin,
meet [mit]
v. To meet, encounter.
pt. met [mɛt]
pp. met, rare metten

meetin ['mitɪn]
n. A meeting, a fight.
v. Meeting, engaging the enemy.

Compounds and phrases etc.

meetin hoose: A building in which meetings were held. A building other than a regular church in which religious meetings take place. A building for town council meetings.
meet the cat: to have a spell of bad luck
tae meet in wi: to meet with
tae meet wi: to pay a creditor
meetigate ['mitɪget]
v. To mitigate.
Meffin, Meffan,
Meffin ['mɛfɪn]
pn. Methven. (Perth and Kinross)
megin, maegin, megim, megrem, maegin, maegins, megins, maegins, megims, megrems,
megin [I.Sh. 'mɛgɪn]
usually pl. megins
n. The depths, the heart or central part of a period of time.
meidae, meedow, meedie, meedae, middy, medda, meeda, meedy, mede, meadda, mead, meddie, midda,
meidae ['midə]
n. A meadow.

Compounds and phrases etc.

queen o the meidae: the meadowsweet
Meidae End,
Meidae End ['midiɛn(d)]
pn. Meadowend.
meil, meill, meile, miel, meel, meal, mail,
meil [I. mel]
n. arch. A measure of weight for dry ingredients such as corn and malt once used in Orkney and Shetland.
meir, mear, mere, meer, mare,
meir [mi:r, me:r]
n. A mare, a female horse.

Compounds and phrases etc.

mason's meir: a trestle for scaffolding
meir's tails: cirrus clouds
shank's meir: using ones own legs in order to travel

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