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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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mire, mire-bummer, mire-bumper, mire-deuk, mire-duck, mire-drum, mire-snipe, myre,
mire ['məiər]
n. A peat bog.

Compounds and phrases etc.

gamsmire: I. Rubbish, idle talk.
suckamire: I.Sh. A swamp.
mirk, murk, mark, mirk-daurk, murk-daurk, mark-daurk, mirk-dark, murk-dark, mark-dark, mirken, murken, marken, mirkin, mirkenin, murkenin, markenin, mirknin, mirkinnen, mirknen, mirkie, mirky, murky, mirkle, mirkness, markness, mirksome, murksome, marksome, mirksim,
mirk [mɪrk, mʌrk, MN. mark]
n. Darkness, night. Gloom. The last stages of twilight.
adj. Dark, black, gloomy, obscure. Of weather: overcast, lowering, dull.
v. To darken, to overcast, to besmirch.

mirkie [mɪrke, mʌrke, MN. marke]
adj. Dark, dirty.

mirken ['mɪrkən, 'mʌrkən, MN. 'markən] I.Sh. mirker
v. To grow dark, darken

mirkenin ['mɪrknən, 'mʌrknən, MN. 'markənən]
n. Twilight, dusk.
v. To grow dark, to darken.

mirkle [mɪrkl, mʌrkl, MN. markl]
v. To grow dark.

Compounds and phrases etc.

mirkabrod: I.Sh. A patchy hill-mist.
mirkness: Darkness, gloom.
mirksome [-səm]: Dark, gloomy, eerie.
pit-mirk: As dark as a pit.
pick-mirk: Pitch-dark, pitch black.
mirkie, mirky,
mirkie [mɪrke, mʌrke]
adj. Merry, cheerful, mischievous.
mirl, murl, murle, mirlock, murlack, mirlack, murlock, mirlocks, murlacks, mirlacks, murlocks, murly, murlie, mirly-tuck, mitlie-tuck, murly-tuck, mirlin, murlin,
mirl [mɪrl]
n. A crumb, a fragment.
dim. mirlock ['mɪrlək]
v. To rumble, pulverise, ruin, decay, moulder.

mirlin ['mɪrlɪn, 'mʌrlɪn]
n. A crumb, a fragment.

Compounds and phrases etc.

mirly tuck: Oatcakes crumbled into milk.
mirligaes, mirligoes, mirligos, mirligo,
mirligoes ['mɪrlɪgo:z]
n. Vertigo, dizziness.
mirr, mirrle, mirl, mirrel,
mirr [I. mɪr]
also I.Sh. mirrle
n. A vibration, a quivering. I.Sh.The shimmering of the air on a hot day.
v. To tingle, to quiver, to tremble.
mirran, mirrot,
mirran ['mɪrən]
n. A carrot.
Mirren, Merran, Mairn, Mairen, Mairon, Maron, Mern, Merren, Minnie, Minny, Mamie, Mamy, Maimie, Mammie, Mammy, Mem,
Mirren ['mɪrən]
also Mairen ['merən]
n. The personal name Marion or Marian.
dim. Minnie ['mɪni], Mamie [memɪ]
mirth [mɪrθ]
n. Mirth.
misbehave [mɪs bə'he:v]
v. To misbehave.
pt. pp. misbehaved

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