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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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nimmle ['nɪml]
adj. Nimble.
nimp, nimpt, nyum, nyim, nyimpt, nyimp, nyimf, nim, yim, nimplins, nimlins,
nimp [n(j)ɪm(p)]
n. A nip, a very small piece or quantity of something.
dim. nimpie

nimple ['n(j)ɪm(p)l]
n. A little bit, a morsel, fragment.

nimplins ['n(j)ɪm(p)lɪnz]
n. pl. Broken pieces of china that children play with.
nine, nyne, nineteen, nyneteen, ninetaen, nineteent, nyneteent, nineteint, nyneteint, nint, nynt, 9t., 9t,
nine [nəin, nin]
n. Nine.
adj. Nine.

nint, 9t [nəint, nint] Ninth.
nineteen [-tin] Nineteen.
nineteent, 19t Nineteenth.
ninety Ninety.
Ninewalls, Nineals,
Ninewalls [nəinwalz, S. nəinlz]
pn. Ninewells. (Dundee, Borders)
nip, nipp, nyip, nip-lug, nippit, nipscart, nippin, nippick, nippock, nippet, nep, nippie, nippy, nippie-sweetie, nippy-sweety,
nip [nɪp]
n. A nip, pinch, a sharp squeeze, bite. Pungency. A fragment, a small pinch.
dim. nippock
v. To nip, to squeeze, constrict, pinch. To ache. To cheat. To snatch.
pt. pp. nippit adj. Curt, bad tempered, hungry, niggardly, tight-fitting.

adj. Curt, bad tempered, hungry, niggardly.

n. Something that nips.

v. Nipping, squeezing etc.
adj. Constricted, tight.
n. A bargain.

Compounds and phrases etc.

billy nipper: U. The blue tit Parsus caeruleus.
nirp, nyirp, nurp, nyurp, nyerp, nyirb, nyirps,
nirp [n(j)ɪrp]
n. A miser.
v. To pinch, cut short, to withhold in a miserly fashion
nirt, nert, nart, nirtie, nirty,
nirt [I. nɪrt]
n. A fragment, morsel, particle. Stinginess, niggardliness.
adj. Niggardly, giving scant measure.

adj. Small.
nit [nɪt]
n. A nut.

Compounds and phrases etc.

deif nit: An empty nut.
nitmug: Nutmeg.
nither, nidder, knidder, nitherin, nidderin, nitheran, nutheran,
nither ['nɪðər, 'nɪdər, 'nɪtər]
v. To oppress, lay low, suppress, keep under, vex, harass. To pinch or stunt with cold or hunger, to check in growth, to shrivel, to straiten. of grain crops: to dwindle, wither, waste away. To shrink or huddle, as with cold, to be shivery, tremble.

v. Shrivelling, blasting, freezing, pining, fretting.

Compounds and phrases etc.

pernithert I.Sh. pər'nɪtərt] : Very sulky and malicious, ill-tempered and peevish.

See nether also.
niver, nivver, nary, norra, nivir, nivvir, neiver, ne'er, nar, neer, neir, ne-er, nevvir, ne'er-dae-weel, ne'er-dee-weel,
niver ['nɪvər, 'nɛvər]
contracted ne'er [ne:r]
adv. Never. Emphatic negative: not at all, under no circumstances.

Compounds and phrases etc.

ne'er a: Never a...
nivermas: A time that never comes.

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