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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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P, pae, pay, pai,
P [pe:]
P, pay the sixteenth letter of the alphabet
Pace, Paiss, Pasche, paes, pesse, Pase, Pess, Pesch,
Pace [pes, NN.b. peis]
n. Easter.

Compounds and phrases etc.

Pace Day: Easter Day, I. also the Monday after Easter Day.
Pace egg: An Easter egg.
pace, paes, paces,
pace [pes]
n. A pace, the distance of one step.
pl. paces
As a unit of measurement the singular is used as the pl. with numerals.
pack, pak, packit, packman, packie,
pack [pak]
n. A pack(age), a bundle, One's worldly goods, property, fortune.
v. To pack, to make into a compact bundle or pack.
pt. pp. packit.

Compounds and phrases etc.

packman, dim. packie: A travelling merchant, a hawker.
trim the pack: to be a pedlar
pack, pak, pact, peck,
pack [pak]
n. An agreement, plot, conspiracy, usually secret and clandestine.
adj. On intimate and friendly terms, linked by mutual feeling or understanding, in league, confederate.

Compounds and phrases etc.

in pack: In collusion, in league.
pack an thick: Confidentially intimate.
packet, packit, pakkit, pakket,
packet ['pakət]
n. A packet, a pannier, a load saddle.
pact, pack,
pact [pak(t)]
n. A pact.
paction, packtion, pactione, packshon,
paction ['pakʃən]
n. An agreement, bargain, an understanding. Collusion, trickery, fraud.
v. To come to an agreement with, to enter into a compact.
pad, paud, pod, paddit, paddit, pad-roadie, pad-roddy, paddert, paddered,
pad [pad]
n. A footpath, a narrow, unsurfaced track or way. A route over a natural obstacle, a pass through hills etc.
v. To travel on foot, to trot along steadily and purposefully. To depart, take oneself off. To tread or beat down earth or snow etc. to form a path by repeated treading.
pt. pp. paddit adj. Trampled, well trodden, oft-trodden.

Compounds and phrases etc.

paddert ['padərt, -d]: Trampled, well trodden.
pad-roadie [-rodɪ, -rɔdɪ]: A footpath, a track.
pad, paddin
pad [pad]
n. A pad.
v. To pad.

n. v. Padding.

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