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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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peeg, pieg, peag, peaig, peg, pig,
peeg [I.Sh. pig]
n. A small, underdeveloped plant or animal, something of stunted growth- col. The penis.
dim. peegie

peegin, peegset
adj. Weakly, ill-looking.
peek, peak, peeack, peak, peeak, peak, peack, peeuk, peuke, peuk, peek-peek, peakie, peekie, peackan, peakie-weakie, peekin-eevy, peekin-eevie,
peek [MN. pi(ə)k]
n. A sound such as the cry of a small animal or bird, or the shrill voice of a child. A person with a weak, piping voice, an unimpressive, insignificant individual.
v. To cheep, chirp, to cry feebly like a small animal or bird. To sing in a feeble, half-hearted way, chirrup, pipe tunelessly. To complain, grumble, make moan, whine, whimper. To speak in a thin querulous voice.

adj. Whining, speaking with a small plaintive voice.

Compounds and phrases etc.

peek-peek: cheep, cheep, peep, peep, a call to chickens
peekin-eevy: a discontented girl
waik in the peek: to have a faint, weak voice, to have no power in one's lungs
peek, peik,
peek [pik]
n. A tiny point of light, tongue of flame.
peel, pele, peil, peelt, peelit, peeled, peelin, peeler, peiler, piller, puller, peelan, pillan, pullan,
peel [pil]
n. Peel, skin.
v. To peel, to plunder, rob, pillage, cheat.
pt. pp. peelt

n. The skin, a thrashing.

Compounds and phrases etc.

craw-peel: I.Sh. a small black mussel found on the fore-shore
peeler ['pilər] also piller ['pɪlər, 'pʌlər], peelan ['pilən], pillan ['pɪlən, 'pʌlən]: a small crab at shell casting time
peelt egg: a rich inheritance, a stroke of good fortune, a windfall
peel, peil, peal, peels,
peel [pil]
n. An equal, match to draw even, quits in games.
peel, peil,
peel [pil]
n. A pill, a tablet. I.Sh. A small quantity.
peel [pil]
n. A stockade, a fortified tower.
peelie, peely, peelie-wallie, peely-wally, peelie-wally, peilie-wallie, peeliewallie, peeliewally, peerie wallie, peely wally, peelywally, peely-wallie, peelie-wersh, peilie-wersh, peely-wersh, peeliewalie, wallie,
peelie ['pilɪ]
adj. Thin, emaciated, stunted, sickly, feeble, pallid, wan, thin and ill-looking

Compounds and phrases etc.

peelie-wallie [-walɪ]: sickly, feeble, pallid, delicate
peelie-wersh [-wɛrʃ]: sickly, delicate, insipid, nondescript
peenacle, peinacle, pienacle,
peenacle ['pinəkl]
n. A pinnacle.
Peenan, Pennan, Peenin,
Peenan [penən, pinɪn]
pn. Pennan. (Aberdeenshire)

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