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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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pob, pobe, pab, pob-towe, pob-tow,
pob [pob]
n. The waste material left over after flax has been scutched, the refuse of flax and jute.
v. To clean flax of its waste or pob, to scutch flax.

Compounds and phrases etc.

pob-towe: the refuse of flax
pobie, pobi, poabie, poabi,
pobie [I.Sh. 'pobi]
n. A peak, a high hill, usually in place names.
pock, pokeaurt, pockaurt, pockaured, pockarrd, pocknarred,
pock [pɔk]
n. An eruption or pustule on the skin.

Compounds and phrases etc.

pockaurt, pockaured: scarred by pocks
pocket, poakit, pokit,
pocket [pɔkət, pokət]
n. A pocket.

Compounds and phrases etc.

pocket-naipkin: a pocket handkerchief
podlie, podly, podler, podlock, podlok, poddler,
poddlie ['pɔdlɪ, 'podlɪ]
also podler, podlock
n. The saithe, a young coalfish.
podle ['pɔdl, 'podl]
n. A Tadpole.
poem, pome, poyem,
poem [po(ə)m, poe(ə)m]
n. A poem.
poet, poyet, poetry, poyetrie, poetrie, poyetry,
poet ['poɛt, MN. poiət]
n. A poet.

poetry ['poətrɪ]
n. Poetry.
poke, pock, poak, pyock, pokie, pokey, pyoke, pokemantie, pockmantie, pockmanty, pockmanteau, pokemanty, portmanty, portmantle, pockemantie, pokemantie, pockmanky, pockmantill, pockmantle, pokes, pocks, pokeshakkins, pokeshakins, poke-shakins, pokey, pokie, poky, pockie, poakie, pyockie, poly-poke, polypoke, pokey-hat, pookie,
poke [pok, N. pjok]
n. A bag or pouch, a small sack. A purse-net. An ice-cream cone. A fold or temporary pouch in a plaid etc. A pouch-like swelling under the jaw of a sheep caused by the disease of sheep-rot or liver-fluke.
dim. pokie
pl. pokes
The singular is used as the pl. with numerals.

Compounds and phrases etc.

peltin-poke N.: a worthless rag
pokemantie: a travellinng-bag, valise, portmanteau
poke-net: I.Sh. a little fishing net with a handle
pokeshakkins [-'ʃakɪnz, -'ʃekɪnz]: the last-born member of family
pokey hat: a ponted hat like that of a witch
poly-poke: a polythene bag
poker, poaker, proker,
poker ['pokər]
n. A poker.

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