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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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Page 42 of 63 for the letter P

poot, poots, pootsie, pootsan,
poot [put]
n. A pout, a sulky expression.
v. To pout, to sulk.
pootch, pouch, pooch, pootch-strings, poutch-strings, pouch-strings, pooch-strings,
pootch [putʃ]
v. To put something into one's pocket, take possession of, either legitimately or dishonestly.
n. A pocket, a pouch, a purse, one's finances.
pl. pootches

Compounds and phrases etc.

oxter-pootch: a breast pocket
pootch-strings: purse-strings
rype-pootch: a pickpocket
pork, purk,
pork [po:rk]
n. Pork.
porr, pore, purr, pork,
porr [po:r]
n. A prickle, a thorn, a poker.
v. To prod, poke, thrust at, prod with the horns,
port, porsht, porte, portyowl, port-youl, port-yeull, portule, pertule, portuale, portyoul, partule,
port [port]
n. A tune, catch, theme played on the bagpipes.

Compounds and phrases etc.

portyowl [po:rtjʌul]: a sad outcry, a doleful moan, lament
port, porte, porter,
port [po:rt]
n. A harbour, a gateway. A market held at a Burgh port.

Compounds and phrases etc.

porter: a porter
Portabellae, Portobello,
Portabellae ['po:rtebɛle, 'po:rtəbale]
pn. Portobello. (Edinburgh)
Portadoun, Portadoon,
Portadoun ['portədun]
pn. Portadown. (County Armagh)
portioner ['po:rʃənər]
n. The propietor of an estate, heir.
Portpatrick, Portpaitrick,
Portpaitrick [po:rt'petrɪk]
pn. Portpatrick. (Dumfries and Galloway)

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