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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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ripple, ripples, ripple-gress, ripple-grass,
ripple ['rɪpl]
n. A ripple.
pl. ripples A disease affecting the back and loins, gonorrhea, a dance
v. To ripple.
pt. pp. rippelt
riptur, ripter, ripture,
riptur ['rɪptər]
n. A rupture.
rase, raise, raize, rase, rise, rize, ris, ryce, riz, raisse, risen, rais, ruz, ryse, risin, rising, rysin,
rise [raɪz]
n. The act of getting out of bed in the morning. The layer of new wool next to the skin of a sheep at shearing time. An increase in an amount of money etc. A spring or well. A piece of amusement at someone's expense, a joke, a hoax.
v. To rise. To get up out of bed in the morning. Of soap: to form a lather. Of food: to repeat, rise in the gullet. To cause to rise up, to lift up, to bring about, produce. To ascend, mount, climb up. With can or coud: to afford, to have the means of obtaining or providing. A joke ate someone's expense.
pt. rase [re:z], ris [rɪz, rʌz]
pp. ris, risen

risin ['raɪzɪn]
adj. Rising. Of a period of time: approaching.
v. Rising.

Compounds and phrases etc.

arise: Arise. pt. pp. araise.
tak a rise oot o: To make fun of.
rissie: I.Sh. A ridge.
the ruit an the rise o't: The beginning and end of it.
risk, rusk, riskit,
risk ['rɪsk, 'rʌsk]
v. To make a ripping, tearing sound, as of roots being torn up, to tear at hay or straw etc, pull or tug at, claw.
pt. pp. riskit adj. Pulled about, ripped, torn apart.
risp, resp,
risp [rɪsp]
n. A coarse file or rasp. A kind of door knocker.
n. A long, coarse grass or sedge found growing on boggy land. A single stalk of grass.
v. To file, to smooth off rough edges with a file, cut with a grating action, to saw roughly. To grind together two surfaces. To make a harsh grating sound.
rissen, rissenin,
rissen [I. 'rɪsn]
v. To shiver or tremble from cold or emotion.

Compounds and phrases etc.

rissenin: Shimmering.
rissom, rizzom, risom, risson, ressum,
rissom [rɪsm]
n. A single ear of oats, a small piece.
rither, ruther, rudder, ridder, redder,
rither ['rɪðər, 'rɪdər]
n. A rudder.
rittock, rittocks, ritto,
rittock [I.Ork. 'rɪtək]
n. A name given to one of the Laridae or gull family.
riva, rivock, rivik, rivick, rivek, rivvik, rivvick, rivvoch, rivack, rivvack,
riva [I.Sh. 'rɪvə]
also rivock
n. A cleft, fissure or split in a rock or in the ground. A slit for ventilation in an outhouse.

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